Friday, April 28, 2006

Because Nothing says "Tough" like a Binky...

I had these pictures in my camera, and it nearly exploded from the sheer amounts of cuteness. You be my witnesses.

Where my homeboys at!?

He's quite charming... Lock up your daughers

Yo, dawg, wazzup in the hizz-ouse

Gettin' down wit da beat, yo!

Flashing gang signs... I swear I didn't teach him this

Big, Exciting News

The child?

He rolls.

He rolllllllllllssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*commence freaking out*

Yesterday, during tummy time, I got up to put something away, and turned around. Shepherd was on his side and almost over on his back. "Hmm," I said, "he's getting close. He'll be rolling by next week." Then, when Forrest got home, I was all, "Look what Shepherd can almost do. He can get on his side!!" and Shepherd decided, "Mommy, you're full of poo. I can roll all the way over." And just like that, rolled onto his back. With Daddy watching.

He's 9 weeks old y'all!!!!!!! And no, I didn't help him, or set him up to roll. I just plopped him down on his stomach and he promptly rolled over. I'm still in shock, because my little boy is growing up.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Best Gift Ever

At the risk of insulting everyone else who gave us gifts (wonderful gifts, I might add).. Forrest and I received a gift for Shepherd yesterday that totally rocked. You probably don't know this, but the inspiration for Shepherd's name came from Shepard Fairey, a graphic designer who conducted an experiment in Phenomenology known as the Obey Giant campaign. Here's a sample of what the Obey posters look like:

With that in mind, one of Forrest's co-workers made Shepherd a onsie...

Isn't that GREAT?! I laughed so hard because that's Shepherd in the picture.... OBEY SHEPHERD!!!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My brother

photostory 5
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I was checking my blogs tonight, and went to my brother's blog to see what was new with him. He'd posted a series of pictures that show his life right now. A refresher for those of you who haven't read about my brother yet, he's working for a group called People of Faith Against the Death Penalty in Chapel Hill, NC. His working there has made a huge impact in my life, and forced me to get off the fence on the issue, and take a stand. Anyways... I went to his blog, and saw these pictures, and almost broke down crying. I am so moved by what my brother does... so touched by what he's giving up to do this work. My brother gets paid very little (just receives a stipend for living expenses), lives in a community with 3 other people in a house, and has choosen to live a simple life. His internship is up in July, and he's trying to gather a group of people to continue doing something similar to what he's doing, forming an intentional community. They'll live in a house in a poor part of town, and live with the people in that community, and minister to their needs. This isn't something like they prostheltize (sp?)... they just meet peoples needs. No strings attached. No expectations of conversion. Just... Loving people. (I think the world needs more people like this) Anyways... but what touched me was seeing how grown up my brother is. I still remember when he was shorter than me... when he was shy and hid behind my mother... when we'd fight with each other, joke with each other, and just do silly kid things. I look at him now, and he's all grown up. And I couldn't be prouder of him.
If you have the time, check out PFADP's website. (There ARE christians out there who care about the issues, and don't buy into the "religious right")

Monday, April 24, 2006

*blink blink*

It's Monday? Really? A new week? Wow. He's how old? 9 weeks? Where does time fly? Am I still getting up at night to feed Shepherd? Is the Pope Catholic? Do you think I can compose an entire blog by finishing each sentence with a question mark? I didn't think so either.

My doctor's office probably thinks I'm crazy. I call them at least once a week with questions regarding Shepherd's gassiness. The child? Farts. A lot. And not just that, but he screams when he farts. He's also got this nasty habit of skipping days with his BM's (hello, adult Shepherd. Meet my friend humiliation). The day after the skipped day? EXSPLOSIVE!!!! today? Is a skip day. Meaning? Tomorrow, when I'm at Reel Mom's with Beth and Mia? He will give me my first lesson in Theater Etiquette... Thou shalt hold all thy poo, and embarrass thy mother in public places with loud farts and smelly diapers... oh, and thou must also defy the laws of gravity with thy poo-dynamics, filthying everything you touch with thy fecal matter. *groan* I hate changing diapers sometimes.

Anyways... Aside from the bodily functions of my 9 week old baby, I suppose I could talk about something rather pleasent. Like the weather we're having!! Beautiful!! Only, if I sit on my balcony, I face a major highway, and the fumes, the sirens, and the car horns, accompanied by the screams of your beautiful son, it brings tears to my eyes... The pre-nervous breakdown type of tears. oh joy! Okay, so weather won't work. How 'bout them Nationals?! Oh wait, I haven't watched a single baseball game this year. Hmmm... this is becoming one of those awkward conversations where you run out of things to talk about, and you just sit there, while the crickets chirp away in the corner.

*chirp chirp*


So, what's new with you?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

2 months


You turned 2 months old today. As I type this, you're in your bouncy chair, talking to your fist, and going cross-eyed trying to see it. When I say something to you, you turn and look at me with a huge grin on your face. When you smile at me, it's as if that smile is only for me, and my heart simply cannot hold on to the joy that this brings me, and stops beating for a moment. Yesterday, you were a snuggle bug, beckoning me to snuggle with you all day long. Who am I to say no to a 2 month old? As we cuddled, I smelled your hair, kissed your forehead, and stroked your beautiful cheeks as you slept. You are so precious... and as I lie there, I realized how incredibly blessed I am.

Today was your 2 month checkup. You were a very happy boy through most of the checkup. You especially loved it when the nurse and I got you undressed to weigh you. You love being naked. And I love that about you. I hope this quality transcends the physical, and you learn to be transparent with who you are, to just be yourself. You weighed a whopping 12 lbs, 4 oz. This puts you in the 74th percentile amongst other babies. WOW!! What a champ!! The doctor said you were a very healthy boy, who may be getting a touch of reflux (as indicated by the projectile vomit that's happened the past 2 nights... all, over, mommy). So we got some medicine that'll help your tummy feel better (we hope).

Then, we had to give you some shots. I know they hurt, but they're for your own good. You cried when they gave them to you, and I cried with you. It was the first time I've seen huge, HUGE crocodile tears spring to your eyes, and it hurt me in a place I've never hurt. I love you so much, and I hate to see you hurting. But a few minutes of cuddling and holding you, you calmed down, and looked up at me, and smiled, as if to say you were okay. Once we left, you promptly fell asleep in your carseat, and I couldn't bear to wake you up... so I drove around a little bit, playing a soft cd while you napped in the backseat.

I almost forgot to mention, but the doctor said you're close to rolling over! I hadn't realized this until she put you on your tummy and you got in the position, and started moving towards your side. She said it could be any day now. I was floored. I had no idea that you could roll over so soon... It made me so proud of you. You're such a strong little boy, and you're growing so fast that I can't believe it's been 2 months already!!! I love you so much, little one. Your daddy and I can't explain the depth of our love for you... but hopefully, with all the hugs and kisses, you somehow know.


Picture This

Mommy and Shepherd

My little Gilligan...

Enjoying the green grass

Someone looks bored with the conversation!

We've tried at an early age to tell him crack kills... he doesn't get it...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Support Group Lesson #2

Your son will, and can embarrass you in front of 20 other mothers and babies... even though he's only 8 weeks old.

Yes... I was embarrassed. Yesterday, on my way to the support group, Shepherd stunk the car up with one of his usual car-ride poops. I laughed, he laughed, and I figured I'd just change his diaper when we got there. We got there, and I changed his diaper (in front of everyone because, you know... they're moms too, and everyone else is doing it!). Exactly one minute after he has his clean diaper on.... I should pause here and give some back story. Shepherd has been in between diaper sizes. He was wearing size 1 magnificantly, but has been leaking lately. I've switched him at home, but hadn't switched the diapers in his diaper bag. Which was okay, because I'd figured... he'd already pooped. Anyways... back to the story. A minute after having his clean diaper on, he got this HUGE grin on his face, and proceeded to poop SO LOUD that the PRESIDENT could have heard it (and I'm sure our president would have giggled and all because he's kinda like that). The loudness wasn't what bothered me. What bothered me was when I opened his diaper.

GOOD. HEAVENLY. SAVIOR. The sheer amount of crap was mind boggling. And it? was EVERY-WHERE.

So I have to strip my son completely naked, wipe him down (successfully using all my diaper wipes), and put a fresh, size one diaper on him, the whole time muttering under my breath that so help me, if he pooped in that diaper, he was wearing it all the way home. Thankfully, I had an extra onsie packed to change him into, but again, it was too small. See, he's also between sizes. Some clothes he can still wear 0-3 months, and others? not so much. So my son ended up wearing a very tight onesie for the rest of the support group meeting.

I guess the moral to this story is, if your son is in between diapers, for the love of all things good, don't try to stretch out that last pack of diapers. Completely give in and put him in the next size up. Otherwise? You end up with baby crap everywhere...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Tag, You're it!

I've been tagged by both Matthew and Kristin. I'm supposed to list 6 weird things about me. Does this mean I have to do 12? Or will six suffice?

1) I wear hearing aids. Yep. I have a genetic hearing loss in the low frequencies that was passed down from my father, who got it from his dad, and so on and so on. I've always hated this. I got my first hearing aids at age 5. I was in Kindergarten. I remember playing kick-ball, and Josh Miller, the guy I had a crush on, threw the ball and hit my knees out from under me. I scraped both my knees up very badly. But I didn't cry because of that. No. I cried because my hearing aids flew off, and I was embarrased because they flew off.

2) I have eaten goat windpipe and esophogus. On a trip to Zambia, I was staying with a group of people in the bush of Africa. They decided to feed us one night (we had MRE's to eat, which would have been wayyyy better, but you never say no to hospitality). They fixed us goat. I stomached two bites, before saying I was full. Up until then, I thought cow tongue was the weirdest thing I'd ever eat...

3) I love popping zits. There is just something cathartic about popping them. I can't help myself. This drives Forrest absolutely crazy. It takes everything in me to keep from asking someone with a zit if I can pop it. And every morning, I wake up and look at my face in the mirror... why? I'm seeing if there are new zits to pop. Actually, it's not just zits. It's anything that oozes. A blister.. a sore... anything. I know... gross. (BTW, I am proud to say I never popped a single one of Shepherd's baby acne zits... it was very, VERY hard to resist)

4) I refuse to read books that come highly recommended to me. By this, I mean, if someone goes on, and on, and on and on about how GREAT this book is... the more they talk about it, the more people that recommend it, the more I don't want to read it. Not just books, either, but music too. I guess this stems from this desire I have to be completely original. I want to discover things before anyone else does. I want to be the first to read something or to listen to something. I absolutely HATE feeling like I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I'm sure I"m missing out on this, because I'm sure they are great books/music, it's just... I can't do it!!

5) The only reason I went to prom with the guy I went with my sophomore year was to get out of going with another guy who asked me. *whew* That feels good to confess that. I didn't like either guy (at all), but I really, really, REALLY didn't like one of them... so I told him I was going with the other guy. Had I been a mean girl, I would have told the other guy the same thing... but I was too nice. Plus? I kinda felt sorry for the guy... he'd already asked 5 girls, only to be turned down 5 times. I was number 6.

6) When I was 10 years old, I dug up my dead bird to see what it looked like after being buried for 2 weeks. Funny thing, birds don't look much different after being dead for 2 weeks. Best part about it? I made my brother do it with me. We found a feather, and he picked it up. I saw another one, and was like, "OH! Another one!" and pulled it, and out came the whole bird. I was a sick little girl to want to dig up something dead.

Now the best part... I get to choose 6 of you to tag to do the same thing.

1) Pierre @ MetroDad
2) Beth @ SotheFishSaid
3) Chris @ RudeCactus
4) Jussy (my brother), even though he hates these things
5) Suzanne @ Jax's Mom
6) Avorie @ Redinkydink

Holiday Breakdown

We had a great Easter. There is so much to write about, I don't know where to begin. The airplane ride would be a good one, I suppose.
We arrived at the airport early, hoping to avoid any check-in lines. But, behold, very long lines that I waited in with Shepherd dead asleep on my chest. After checking our bags, I went to go through security, and behold! more long lines!! So I waited... and waited some more. Until I finally got to the front of my line. "You've been flagged," the security screener told me. "Soo... that means?????" I replied. "You must go stand over in that line over there," and with that, he circled something on my ticket with huge red ink... Me.... a security threat to our nation. With a 2 month old strapped to my chest. *sigh*
Turns out, there were several of us with babies in the "flagged" line. I had to remove Shepherd from his sling, which woke him up, then walk through the most ridiculous contraption. You stand there, and it blows air on you from your head to your toes. Shepherd almost freaked out, and just looked at me like, "What the heck are they doing, mommy?" After going through security, and since Shepherd was awake, he decided that it was lunch time! Here I was, in the middle of a cramped airport, full of people, with no where to go to be private. So, I just decided that my son's hunger trumped everyones comfort, so I whipped out the boob and fed him, there amongst hundreds of waiting passengers. Thankfully, no one stoned me, but I did get some horrified looks from the old lady two rows across from me. She had saggy boobs anyways, so whatever, I don't care. After I fed him, he promptly fell back asleep. He slept the entire way to the plane, and through takeoff, the flight, and landing. No screaming child here!! *Whew*
We got to Raleigh, and mom and dad met us... it was so great seeing them. We drove to my hometown, and then went to the audiologist that my father, mother, and I go to, to check Shepherd's hearing. She knows our family history, and wanted to do some more thorough testing on Shepherd to make sure he didn't have my hearing loss (yes, I wear hearing aids... why? because I'm blind) (I always hate when people ask why I wear hearing aids. The better question is what type of hearing loss do you have or at least, what caused your hearing loss). Anyways, Shepherd does NOT have any type of hearing loss. His little ears work perfectly normal, and we're tickled to death about that.
The rest of the weekend, we spent visiting family, friends, and church folk from my dad's church. A grand time was had by all.. and we even got to see Shepherd's great-grandparents! They came on Saturday to see Shepherd, and there's nothing sweeter than seeing them hold Shepherd. We have pictures over at our flickr account.
With so many people, it's no wonder that Shepherd didn't do worse than he did (he was just a little fussy, but otherwise did well). I, on the other hand, was exhausted. Shepherd was eating every 1.5 to 2 hours, and at night, still the every 3 hours. I can't tell you how little sleep I'd gotten the week before traveling, much less the first few days there. On Saturday, I hit a wall. After feeding him before his bedtime, I handed him off to my mom, and started crying. Mom, Forrest, and my Aunt Heather (who has two little ones as well) all comforted me, and told me I needed to go sleep, they'd take care of Shepherd. I told them I couldn't sleep because at this point, I was beyond sleep. Forrest grabbed the keys to the car, and took me for a drive. We rolled the windows down, and drove through the countryside, listening to the crickets and frogs sing. I cried for the first 30 minutes, and just vented about everything that was bothering me. Then slowly I started to feel better, until finally, I was ready to go home. We'd been gone an hour, and Shepherd had been asleep 45 minutes of that. I went straight to bed, thinking that he'd wake up in 2 hours to feed again. 4 hours later, Shepherd woke up to eat. He slept for 5 hours!!! After feeding him again, I put him back down to sleep. He slept for an hour, but then woke up fussy. Mom had told me to bring him to her if he was fussy, so at 3 am, I handed him off again. She stretched him out for another couple of hours, and he went 5 hours again. So that night, I got some very good sleep. What a fabulous Easter present! :)
Then, as all good things have to come to an end, we came home last night. And today? I'm still recovering. There's no one here to hand him off to, no one else to hold him... just me and the boy, as Forrest is at work... but that's okay. I'm settling back into the swing of things here at home... because no matter how much I love North Carolina, and my family, this is our home... and no matter how many times I complain about living here... we live here... and I"m happy to be home again.

Conversation on the Drive Home

As Shepherd had been sleeping so well the whole time....

F: I wonder if we need to wake him up... otherwise he'll be awake all night.
C: The last thing you want to do is wake him up.
F: No, the last thing I want to do is kill him.
C: Good Point.

And then, there was other conversations, which I can't post on here... we even talked about that:

C: My blog would be funnier, but since some of my family reads it, I think it holds me back
F: Yeah?
C: Yeah, my sense of humor is a bit crude.
F: You don't say...

Which lead to us making up curse words... a practice we probably should curb since Shepherd will be all ears and impressionable one day. Some of the words, were very funny. You'll have to take my word for it. But one of them, was particularly funny, and followed by the following conversation:

F: (laughs at my word) Corinne!! Would you say that if Shepherd understood English?
C: No, but if he understood Spanish, of course!!

Ahhh... the joys of parenthood... :) I'll post more later about our trip... but right now? I'm gonna go snuggle with the smiliest baby in the world... also? The cutest

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Monkey Boy Grin!!

Monkey Boy Grin!!
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Shepherd Wishes Y'all a Happy Easter!

Marketplace Monday #8 (aka I'm a Slacker)

I just realized that I didn't post anything on Monday for Marketplace monday... I'm sure you're all dissapointed (HA!) I could say that I tried to post but something happened, when really? I just forgot. Anyways... moving on.

Today's Marketplace item is the NoJo Sling.

I got this sling a few days ago, and LOVE it. I've been trying to find a good sling to carry Shepherd around the house every day. I have a Baby Bjorn, which is great when I'm walking or out hiking, but for around the house activities, or for when Shepherd wants to sleep, the baby sling is much much better. In fact, he's asleep on my chest right now, freeing up both hands for typing (for a change). Yesterday, I was able to do laundry, do dishes, and straighten the house all the while, Shepherd slept soundly in the sling. :)

In other news, Shepherd has decided that the 5 hours he gave us last weekend was just a trick. He's since been waking every three hours to feed at night. Which, you know, I wouldn't mind if he'd actually go back to sleep after eating.. and you know, if he was a quiet pooper. Yes, you read that right. My son is a noisy pooper. Shepherd will be horrified one day to read that, but ya know? It's true. He grunts and grunts when havng a BM. During the day, this is so dadgum cute, and we laugh together... he'll grunt, I'll laugh, and he'll smile at me for laughing, then grunting again. (I'm probably setting myself up to have a toddler who grunts and screams "I"m pooping!!!" when on the John, but whatever.. I can handle it). But yeah, back to the night-time grunting. After his 3 am feeding, he'll start to grunting. Which is fine, but since we have a baby monitor hooked up (I'm hearing impaired, so I don't trust myself to hear the baby.. plus, Forrest? hears NOTHING at night), I hear every grunt. Finally, after an hour of this (the child doesn't poop when on his back... simply refuses), I go pick him up. I'll put him in the bed with me, propped up on my arm, and he stops grunting for a while. Then, when we finally get up out of bed, he grunts one last time, and Presto!!!! Diaper's Full!!! And I'm not talking any old kind of full... I'm talking the kind of full that sends chills down your spine, and has you gagging at the sheer volume of poo that this infant has passed. Was that TMI? It probably was... oh well.

Anyways... hopefully, this weekend will provide some much needed rest for me. Tomorrow morning, I fly down to North Carolina to be with my family. Forrest is coming down later after work on Friday. We're very excited. I'm pretty nervous. I hope Shepherd doesn't scream the whole flight there. I guess we'll find out. So if I don't post anything, you know where I am... Hope you all have a fabulous Easter!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Book Burning Anyone?!

I will admit, I've fallen prey to the pluthera of parenting philosophies that are out there today. Are you attachment parenting? Are you letting your baby cry it out? What parenting philosophy do you subscribe to? I'm fed up with every single one of them. I'm sure they all have their good points, but let me explain my frustration.

In the height of the no-sleeping longer than 2 hours or 3 hours at a stretch, I was frustrated. Very frustrated. I began wondering when my child would sleep longer. Someone... and I wish I could remember who, so I could publicly flog them, recommended this book to me. The book, Babywise, sounded wonderful in theory, and so, I began reading it, and trying a few of the things it suggested in it. Then yesterday, as I researched it some more (because, I don't normally buy into things without some research, but had been too tired to research before now).... I came across this article, this article, and finally, this article.

Y'all, I'm furious. What I thought would help my baby, will hurt him. What I thought was a good suggestion, was a terrible one. This book has been flagged by the AAP as a dangerous parenting method. So I've officially thrown the book away. I'm furious too because I'm so fed up with the vast amounts of differing opinions on this subject of parenting. When our parents were raising us, there was almost NOTHING there to help them. But we have everything at the tips of our fingers. Just Google it, and it's there.

My conclusion? I will listen to my doctor, and my instinct. I refuse to buy into a particular "method" wholeheartedly because each one has it's drawbacks. Plus? I feel I know my son best... and someone telling me when to feed him, when to hold him, or how to raise him just doesn't sit right with me. My son has thrived so far, even though I'm getting little sleep. But my sleep is nothing when it comes to raising a healthy baby boy. I would give it all up to make sure he's okay. So Dr. Ezzo, take your book and SHOVE IT!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Good Parenting? or Beginner's Luck?

This weekend, two nights in a row, Shepherd slept for 5.5 hours.

Allow me to repeat that.


I was scared to post anything the first night, fearing it was just a fluke... that he'd worn his little self out and just slept hard. But the second night he did that? I rejoiced. And tonight? Well... we're going on 3 hours, and not a peep. I know I should be asleep, but I'm not used to getting to bed until after his 11 o'clock feeding... so I don't know what to do with myself now! :) How we managed the shift in nocturnal sleeping patterns? I have no earthly idea. I wish I could tell you that I supplied to a particular method, or what not, but in reality? I'm wingin' it over here. I told my dad tonight that sometimes I feel like I'm going to screw this kid up... I feel so inadequate, so unprepared, so unequipped for parenthood. And I wondered how on earth they got to be such great parents. He laughed at me, and said they were in the same boat 25 years ago. It's hard to imagine my parents struggling as parents because in the end? Well... they were great parents!!! So maybe we'll end up there. But for now? I'll just celebrate this beginner's luck. :)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Big Grins Version 3.0

Big Grins Version 3.0
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Y'all, I got the best pictures of Shepherd smiling today. You have to head over to our flickr page to see them. Make sure to check out the Smiles Slideshow...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Because I'm smart like that, Part Deux

By my nature, I'm a fix-it-yourself kind of gal. In college, my parents bought a condo in our small college town for my brother and I to live in. When the toilet upstairs broke? I replaced all it's innards. When the outside light broke? I replaced it with one bought at Lowes. The pantry that was too small to hold all of our housemates food? I built shelves to go in it. I painted the bathroom and the kitchen myself. I was rather proud of myself for my fix-it sense. Then I got married.... to do-it-yourself kind of guy. So there have been times when we were almost to blows wanting to assemble something together. However, this has gotten MUCH MUCH better over the last year. But sometimes, when he's at work, I'll sneak in a little fix-it here and there.

Today? I learned my lesson.

I was straightening up the house while Shepherd took a nap, and decided to flip our mattress. Our Queen Sized Mattress. And, not just the mattress, but to rotate the box-spring. This is a two-man job. But stubborn as I am, I was all, "I can do it!!!" The mattress, I got off easy. I just propped it up against our treadmill. Then came the rotating of the box spring. I decided the best way to accomplish this was to lift the box spring on it's side, and stand in the middle of the bed frame and rotate it. I totally forgot that I was standing on Forrest's drafting table that we've stowed away under our bed, that's covered in dust. I also forgot that I was wearing no-grip flip flops. Yeah, I'm THAT smart. Mid-way through the turn, and my feet slip out from under me. Down I go on the wooden side-rail with my back, and down comes the box spring on top of me. I sat there stunned for a second, then laughed. I thought, "Man, I haven't had a good fall like that in years!" (Does this tell you how clumsy I was in high school and college?!) I managed to get up and finish the job. When I was done, I changed my shirt, and got a glimpse of my back. Y'all, someone is going to think Forrest beat me. My back is black and blue from the fall, and hurts like crazy. I took and Advil already, but it still hurts. Thing is, I think it was kind of funny... and I totally learned a lesson. Never move anything bigger than you without another adult there to assist you.

So, so, so sad.... *pout*

Herb Sendek heads to Arizona State

You can also read Dick Vitale's commentary about his departure here. This is truely a sad, sad day for NC State.....

Goodbye Herbie....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Support Group Lesson #1

You will always think your child is the most well behaved for his age at the group. Then, on your car ride home, he will prove you very, VERY wrong.

Today I met with Beth and Mia at a New Mom's support group. I was nervous, because I wasn't sure how Shepherd would behave, and I didn't know anyone there except Beth. I worried that they would be all judgey on me because I use a pacifier (hey, it works for me) or that Shepherd would get hungry and it'd be awkward breastfeeding. I think Beth was worried Mia would scream but she didn't. She was a TOTAL ANGEL. I even got to hold her (aren't you jealous?!) Anyways, so we get there, and we go around the room introducing ourselves, our babies, and how old our babies are. There were several other babies that were Shepherd's age... They all behaved fabulously, well, except for one who fussed, but I think he was hot... his mommy had him bundled up pretty warmly. Anyways, breastfeeding was TOTALLY not a problem (men you would have loved it, there were boobs flashing left and right) and Shepherd behaved like an angel. After the meeting, Beth, Mia, Shepherd, and I headed to eat lunch, where again, he was angelic, and Queen Mia was so cute eating her lunch of avocados. Since Shepherd was so good at both the meeting and lunch, I decided to push my luck and grab a few things at Target on my way home. Again, he did fairly well, only fussing for a little bit. Then, on the car ride home... he screamed his head off. I couldn't do anything because I was in heavy traffic, so the only thing I could do was crank the stereo up louder to drown out his screams. Thank you Mr. Johnny Cash. When I got closer to home, I cut the stereo down, and Shepherd was done screaming and had fallen back to sleep. Again, Thank you Mr. Cash. So we're home now, and I'm feeding the little booger. Hopefully he'll have a restful afternoon, and will try to take another nap, as yesterday, he didn't, and there was hell to pay for it. So here's hoping!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Marketplace Monday #7 (or Crack Cocaine for the Post-Partum mother)

I was bad. The other day, I had some errands to run, and one of those errands had me walking past a group of these:

Yes, Spring is in the air, and they come crawling out of the woodwork. I'd done well, so far, at avoiding them, but alas, I finally ran into a group of Girl Scouts. Why have I avoided them?! Because of this:

This, my friends, is the equivalent to crack-cocaine. I cannot stop at one, much less 2... in fact, I have to admit, I cannot consume less than 4 at a time. I bought 2 boxes, and the second box is almost gone. *sigh* I joked with Forrest last night that the reason I wasn't a girl scout was because of the cookies. I would have been the fatest girl scout ever... and wold have bought my entire supply of Samoas myself. What's your favorite girl scout cookie?!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Wonderful Weekend

Funny Face
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We spent all day Saturday at the park, enjoying the sunshine, and just getting out for a change. We capped the evening off with hamburgers and drinks at Cheeseburger in Paradise (wonderful, wonderful Mai Tai!!). Then last night, Forrest got up for one of the middle of the night feedings and fed Shepherd, allowing me to sleep more than 2 hours. And then today? He let me nap while taking care of a fussy baby. Isn't my husband the greatest!? :) Anyways, it's been good for both of us, because while I'm getting a break, Forrest is getting some time with Shepherd. So it was a great weekend... head on over to our flickr account to see some of the pictures from the weekend... :)