Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Because I'm smart like that, Part Deux

By my nature, I'm a fix-it-yourself kind of gal. In college, my parents bought a condo in our small college town for my brother and I to live in. When the toilet upstairs broke? I replaced all it's innards. When the outside light broke? I replaced it with one bought at Lowes. The pantry that was too small to hold all of our housemates food? I built shelves to go in it. I painted the bathroom and the kitchen myself. I was rather proud of myself for my fix-it sense. Then I got married.... to do-it-yourself kind of guy. So there have been times when we were almost to blows wanting to assemble something together. However, this has gotten MUCH MUCH better over the last year. But sometimes, when he's at work, I'll sneak in a little fix-it here and there.

Today? I learned my lesson.

I was straightening up the house while Shepherd took a nap, and decided to flip our mattress. Our Queen Sized Mattress. And, not just the mattress, but to rotate the box-spring. This is a two-man job. But stubborn as I am, I was all, "I can do it!!!" The mattress, I got off easy. I just propped it up against our treadmill. Then came the rotating of the box spring. I decided the best way to accomplish this was to lift the box spring on it's side, and stand in the middle of the bed frame and rotate it. I totally forgot that I was standing on Forrest's drafting table that we've stowed away under our bed, that's covered in dust. I also forgot that I was wearing no-grip flip flops. Yeah, I'm THAT smart. Mid-way through the turn, and my feet slip out from under me. Down I go on the wooden side-rail with my back, and down comes the box spring on top of me. I sat there stunned for a second, then laughed. I thought, "Man, I haven't had a good fall like that in years!" (Does this tell you how clumsy I was in high school and college?!) I managed to get up and finish the job. When I was done, I changed my shirt, and got a glimpse of my back. Y'all, someone is going to think Forrest beat me. My back is black and blue from the fall, and hurts like crazy. I took and Advil already, but it still hurts. Thing is, I think it was kind of funny... and I totally learned a lesson. Never move anything bigger than you without another adult there to assist you.


VHMPrincess said...

Yikes! Glad you're Ok! BE CAREFUL!

Autumn's Mom said...

ohmygoodness! Glad you survived. I wonder what hubby said when you told him??? haha

Jenni said...

Those matresses and box springs can be pesky. Beware!

Tracy said...

Just think of it as a battle wound! Keep up the good fight, my warrior-fix it-sister!