Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Marketplace Monday #8 (aka I'm a Slacker)

I just realized that I didn't post anything on Monday for Marketplace monday... I'm sure you're all dissapointed (HA!) I could say that I tried to post but something happened, when really? I just forgot. Anyways... moving on.

Today's Marketplace item is the NoJo Sling.

I got this sling a few days ago, and LOVE it. I've been trying to find a good sling to carry Shepherd around the house every day. I have a Baby Bjorn, which is great when I'm walking or out hiking, but for around the house activities, or for when Shepherd wants to sleep, the baby sling is much much better. In fact, he's asleep on my chest right now, freeing up both hands for typing (for a change). Yesterday, I was able to do laundry, do dishes, and straighten the house all the while, Shepherd slept soundly in the sling. :)

In other news, Shepherd has decided that the 5 hours he gave us last weekend was just a trick. He's since been waking every three hours to feed at night. Which, you know, I wouldn't mind if he'd actually go back to sleep after eating.. and you know, if he was a quiet pooper. Yes, you read that right. My son is a noisy pooper. Shepherd will be horrified one day to read that, but ya know? It's true. He grunts and grunts when havng a BM. During the day, this is so dadgum cute, and we laugh together... he'll grunt, I'll laugh, and he'll smile at me for laughing, then grunting again. (I'm probably setting myself up to have a toddler who grunts and screams "I"m pooping!!!" when on the John, but whatever.. I can handle it). But yeah, back to the night-time grunting. After his 3 am feeding, he'll start to grunting. Which is fine, but since we have a baby monitor hooked up (I'm hearing impaired, so I don't trust myself to hear the baby.. plus, Forrest? hears NOTHING at night), I hear every grunt. Finally, after an hour of this (the child doesn't poop when on his back... simply refuses), I go pick him up. I'll put him in the bed with me, propped up on my arm, and he stops grunting for a while. Then, when we finally get up out of bed, he grunts one last time, and Presto!!!! Diaper's Full!!! And I'm not talking any old kind of full... I'm talking the kind of full that sends chills down your spine, and has you gagging at the sheer volume of poo that this infant has passed. Was that TMI? It probably was... oh well.

Anyways... hopefully, this weekend will provide some much needed rest for me. Tomorrow morning, I fly down to North Carolina to be with my family. Forrest is coming down later after work on Friday. We're very excited. I'm pretty nervous. I hope Shepherd doesn't scream the whole flight there. I guess we'll find out. So if I don't post anything, you know where I am... Hope you all have a fabulous Easter!!!


Anonymous said...

Load him up on baby benadryl before the flight.

Isabel said...

I haven't thought about a sling. But you like, huh? Maybe I have a friend who has one I can borrow before I buy. Thanks for the review.

And I hope you get some more sleep (and some quiet poops!)

Happy Easter to you to!