Monday, April 24, 2006

*blink blink*

It's Monday? Really? A new week? Wow. He's how old? 9 weeks? Where does time fly? Am I still getting up at night to feed Shepherd? Is the Pope Catholic? Do you think I can compose an entire blog by finishing each sentence with a question mark? I didn't think so either.

My doctor's office probably thinks I'm crazy. I call them at least once a week with questions regarding Shepherd's gassiness. The child? Farts. A lot. And not just that, but he screams when he farts. He's also got this nasty habit of skipping days with his BM's (hello, adult Shepherd. Meet my friend humiliation). The day after the skipped day? EXSPLOSIVE!!!! today? Is a skip day. Meaning? Tomorrow, when I'm at Reel Mom's with Beth and Mia? He will give me my first lesson in Theater Etiquette... Thou shalt hold all thy poo, and embarrass thy mother in public places with loud farts and smelly diapers... oh, and thou must also defy the laws of gravity with thy poo-dynamics, filthying everything you touch with thy fecal matter. *groan* I hate changing diapers sometimes.

Anyways... Aside from the bodily functions of my 9 week old baby, I suppose I could talk about something rather pleasent. Like the weather we're having!! Beautiful!! Only, if I sit on my balcony, I face a major highway, and the fumes, the sirens, and the car horns, accompanied by the screams of your beautiful son, it brings tears to my eyes... The pre-nervous breakdown type of tears. oh joy! Okay, so weather won't work. How 'bout them Nationals?! Oh wait, I haven't watched a single baseball game this year. Hmmm... this is becoming one of those awkward conversations where you run out of things to talk about, and you just sit there, while the crickets chirp away in the corner.

*chirp chirp*


So, what's new with you?


Lola said...

I think the skipped poo days is normal for BF babies. And my boy groans, grunts, cries, screams and smiles all the while preparing his debut... and once you think its over his eyes glaze with concentration and tada poo at 6am almost everyday. Those are my morning salutations. Oh, the joys of motherhood!

Rude Cactus said...

Have fun at the movie. It should be real interesting to see what happens!

Isabel said...

Sorry about the gas. Jealous of the great weather.

What's new with me?

Oh, you know...just had a baby!!

(and I can't believe you've been a mom for 9 weeks!!)

Reesh said...

I swear to you that the painful gassy farting pooing business will stop very soon. Or at Least it has for Lily. Almost overnight she is able to pass wind, rain and sleet with hardly a fuss at all. Of course she still grunts like there's no tomorrow and fills the room with laughter when she makes her very loud deposits in the diaper bank. But it's funny, really funny and as far as I can tell, perfectly normal.

Do you use gripe water? Seems to help Lily if I mix a bit with some breastmilk for her. Also if you drink fennel or chamomile teas about 20 minutes before a feed you should pass some of it on to Shepherd and it's supposed to be quite comforting.

Good Luck!