Thursday, April 20, 2006

2 months


You turned 2 months old today. As I type this, you're in your bouncy chair, talking to your fist, and going cross-eyed trying to see it. When I say something to you, you turn and look at me with a huge grin on your face. When you smile at me, it's as if that smile is only for me, and my heart simply cannot hold on to the joy that this brings me, and stops beating for a moment. Yesterday, you were a snuggle bug, beckoning me to snuggle with you all day long. Who am I to say no to a 2 month old? As we cuddled, I smelled your hair, kissed your forehead, and stroked your beautiful cheeks as you slept. You are so precious... and as I lie there, I realized how incredibly blessed I am.

Today was your 2 month checkup. You were a very happy boy through most of the checkup. You especially loved it when the nurse and I got you undressed to weigh you. You love being naked. And I love that about you. I hope this quality transcends the physical, and you learn to be transparent with who you are, to just be yourself. You weighed a whopping 12 lbs, 4 oz. This puts you in the 74th percentile amongst other babies. WOW!! What a champ!! The doctor said you were a very healthy boy, who may be getting a touch of reflux (as indicated by the projectile vomit that's happened the past 2 nights... all, over, mommy). So we got some medicine that'll help your tummy feel better (we hope).

Then, we had to give you some shots. I know they hurt, but they're for your own good. You cried when they gave them to you, and I cried with you. It was the first time I've seen huge, HUGE crocodile tears spring to your eyes, and it hurt me in a place I've never hurt. I love you so much, and I hate to see you hurting. But a few minutes of cuddling and holding you, you calmed down, and looked up at me, and smiled, as if to say you were okay. Once we left, you promptly fell asleep in your carseat, and I couldn't bear to wake you up... so I drove around a little bit, playing a soft cd while you napped in the backseat.

I almost forgot to mention, but the doctor said you're close to rolling over! I hadn't realized this until she put you on your tummy and you got in the position, and started moving towards your side. She said it could be any day now. I was floored. I had no idea that you could roll over so soon... It made me so proud of you. You're such a strong little boy, and you're growing so fast that I can't believe it's been 2 months already!!! I love you so much, little one. Your daddy and I can't explain the depth of our love for you... but hopefully, with all the hugs and kisses, you somehow know.



KellyF said...

beautiful. what a lucky boy. and what a lucky family.

Jenni said...

Wonderfully sweet! I can't wait until my little one arrives (but I've got a long way to go).