Friday, April 28, 2006

Because Nothing says "Tough" like a Binky...

I had these pictures in my camera, and it nearly exploded from the sheer amounts of cuteness. You be my witnesses.

Where my homeboys at!?

He's quite charming... Lock up your daughers

Yo, dawg, wazzup in the hizz-ouse

Gettin' down wit da beat, yo!

Flashing gang signs... I swear I didn't teach him this


Kristin said...

Shepherd is way cute! I'm so going to have to hunt down that Nike hat of his...too cool. You know, at first I thought that having a boy wouldn't be as fun as a girl, just because of the dressing up factor. I have to say that dressing up a boy is more fun now. These pictures prove it too!

girl from florida said...

so tough!! :) My baby loves her binky too.

Sweety said...

Awwwwwwww, how cute is he! And how addictive it is to take pictures of your little one. I already have like a gazillion photo's of our 3 month old.

(Just hopped over from Beth's blog.)