Monday, April 17, 2006

Tag, You're it!

I've been tagged by both Matthew and Kristin. I'm supposed to list 6 weird things about me. Does this mean I have to do 12? Or will six suffice?

1) I wear hearing aids. Yep. I have a genetic hearing loss in the low frequencies that was passed down from my father, who got it from his dad, and so on and so on. I've always hated this. I got my first hearing aids at age 5. I was in Kindergarten. I remember playing kick-ball, and Josh Miller, the guy I had a crush on, threw the ball and hit my knees out from under me. I scraped both my knees up very badly. But I didn't cry because of that. No. I cried because my hearing aids flew off, and I was embarrased because they flew off.

2) I have eaten goat windpipe and esophogus. On a trip to Zambia, I was staying with a group of people in the bush of Africa. They decided to feed us one night (we had MRE's to eat, which would have been wayyyy better, but you never say no to hospitality). They fixed us goat. I stomached two bites, before saying I was full. Up until then, I thought cow tongue was the weirdest thing I'd ever eat...

3) I love popping zits. There is just something cathartic about popping them. I can't help myself. This drives Forrest absolutely crazy. It takes everything in me to keep from asking someone with a zit if I can pop it. And every morning, I wake up and look at my face in the mirror... why? I'm seeing if there are new zits to pop. Actually, it's not just zits. It's anything that oozes. A blister.. a sore... anything. I know... gross. (BTW, I am proud to say I never popped a single one of Shepherd's baby acne zits... it was very, VERY hard to resist)

4) I refuse to read books that come highly recommended to me. By this, I mean, if someone goes on, and on, and on and on about how GREAT this book is... the more they talk about it, the more people that recommend it, the more I don't want to read it. Not just books, either, but music too. I guess this stems from this desire I have to be completely original. I want to discover things before anyone else does. I want to be the first to read something or to listen to something. I absolutely HATE feeling like I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I'm sure I"m missing out on this, because I'm sure they are great books/music, it's just... I can't do it!!

5) The only reason I went to prom with the guy I went with my sophomore year was to get out of going with another guy who asked me. *whew* That feels good to confess that. I didn't like either guy (at all), but I really, really, REALLY didn't like one of them... so I told him I was going with the other guy. Had I been a mean girl, I would have told the other guy the same thing... but I was too nice. Plus? I kinda felt sorry for the guy... he'd already asked 5 girls, only to be turned down 5 times. I was number 6.

6) When I was 10 years old, I dug up my dead bird to see what it looked like after being buried for 2 weeks. Funny thing, birds don't look much different after being dead for 2 weeks. Best part about it? I made my brother do it with me. We found a feather, and he picked it up. I saw another one, and was like, "OH! Another one!" and pulled it, and out came the whole bird. I was a sick little girl to want to dig up something dead.

Now the best part... I get to choose 6 of you to tag to do the same thing.

1) Pierre @ MetroDad
2) Beth @ SotheFishSaid
3) Chris @ RudeCactus
4) Jussy (my brother), even though he hates these things
5) Suzanne @ Jax's Mom
6) Avorie @ Redinkydink


Kristin said...

I am as morbid as you are :)
Beck is burried out in our back yard & I've often wondered what he looks like right now. I haven't gone as far as digging him back up, but I know if I were a kid, it would've already happened.

Tracy said...

Fun list! It must be in the water, because I posted my six weird things today, too!

Oh, and I'm soooo proud of you for resisting the urge to pop Shepherd's baby acne. Good mommy. (I wouldn't have judged you if you popped just one!) ;)

Suzanne said...

I will post my wierd things, but I'm thinking of them!!