Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fathers Day, Honey


I know how incredibly hard you've been working lately. Between late nights with Shepherd, and late nights at work, I know you are so tired. But I've been watching you... how amazing you are. How effortlessly you rise every morning to go to work, how little you complain about your work and the long commute... I've seen how when you come home, after kissing me, you rush to sweep your little son up in your arms. I've also seen how much he loves this... how when 6:30 rolls around, he's practically staring at the door, waiting with joyful anticipation for the moment you walk in. I've also seen how Shepherd will no longer allow himself to be rocked to sleep by mommy. Only Daddy is good enough for this job. And I've seen you grow closer to our son because of this. And I've seen you gain confidence because of this. I'll admit, at first I wanted to do everything... but how wonderful it is to step back and see how much closer you are to Shepherd when I step back. You are an AMAZING father... and you're still reletively new to this! Only 4 months ago, you were just a husband, and now? You're so much more... a husband, a father, and our rock. I love you so much, and I'm so glad to be a part of your life... OUR life. So Happy Fathers Day, honey... I promise, we will sleep again one day....




Betti said...

That is such a sweet photo!

Sweety said...

That's beautiful! Love the picture too!