Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Crib Bedding, Part II

Mom is still the highest bidder (thank goodness), so here's to hoping that she wins.... As to who the maker of the bedding is... It's Glenna Jean. You can see her products (at the lowest prices on the internet) at:

For those of you interested in contemporary patterns for the baby... and if you have family buying, there are more modern pieces over at design public.

I've been reading my Baby Bargains book religiously (I'd link to it, but my html editor is down for some reason) and looking at who they rate. Our three top brands that we were looking at were:

Kimberly Grant (A-)
Glenna Jean (B-, for price)
Brandee Danielle (A-)

If you go to that first site, you can look at all three brands... :) I'll keep you posted on the ebay auction too... (if you're having a girl there are some INCREDIBLY cute crib sets out there... I'm so jealous!)


VHMPrincess said...

That is some seriously CUTE bedding!

Erika said...

VERY cute and perfect for a graphic designer's son!

Avorie said...

Thanks for sharing! I found this one for a girl, but it's sooooo expensive!!

Corinne said...

Check e-bay from time to time... or maybe Craigslist? I wouldn't pay that much $ normally for it, but since it's on e-bay (w/ no reserve) and mom's paying... heck, she can spend what she wants!!