Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New Mommy Blog

VHM Princess has been added to my list of links to the right... She is seriously on the verge of having her second baby (man, I wish it was Feb already and I was her!!) so keep an eye on her blog to see if any good news comes out of the VHM Princess household in the near future. Her link is:

(I apologize for the stupid html editor not working... I seriously think it's b/c I own a Mac, and the world is run by Windows... and they hate Macs, so they punish us Mac owners for having cute lil' computer that ACTUALLY WORK!!! by creating programs that don't FULLY work in Macs... *sigh*)

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VHMPrincess said...

Hi!!! Thanks for the link!! Just read your post about the bedding - that sucks!!! Seriously, that bedding is so cute you have to find it somewhere, someway!!!! :-)