Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine..

Because I really need a place to whine, and I'm sure my husband is
about to go crazy from my whining, I figured what better place than my
blog!! You people don't mind do you? Of course not.... :) You're the
perfect friend... so thank you in advance for putting up with my

Why the drama?? My back is flipping killing me... and if it's not my
back, it's my hips... and if it's not my hips... it's the fun ligament
stretching. My poor husband now shares the bed with a 190+ lb woman, 6
pillows, and a LOT of grunting and mumbling about how my son is
killing his mother slowly but surely. At first I tried to blame it on
our mattress. We were naive, and still recovering from the brick
mattresses they provide in college dorms, so we purchased the softest
mattress money could buy when we got married. Now? I hate the dang
thing... It's impossible to get out of in the morning, and when two
people are in bed, we roll to the middle... it's like quicksand... So
this weekend, when we went to visit my mom and dad, we got to stay at
this nice condo in Williamsburg. There, they had nice firm
mattresses... "Ahhh... relief!" I thought... and then wham! back
spasms!! and then wham!! ligament pain. So much so that I called my
doctor crying, wondering if there was any medicine I could take...
morphine please?!?! She said, only thing you can do is take tylenol,
and apply heat (which I'd already done)... I whimpered and asked if
that was it... and she was pretty much like, yep.. suck it up ya big
whiner (only she was very very nice, and I couldn't help but love her
even if she couldn't help me). I've tried walking, stretching,
sitting, everything... we even bought a massage thingy for Forrest to
rub my back with, and that helps some... but not nearly enough.
Maybe this is just a phase... maybe my body is just going through hell
right now, but in a week... all will be well. Anyone have hope for
me? Does it get better? Because right now... I don't know how on
EARTH I'm going to get through labor if I'm crying because my back
hurts. I'm such a wuss... *pout* So HELP ME!!! internets... what
should I do!?!


Isabel said...

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry that you are in pain. I can't imagine being in pain all the time (and not being able to take anything for it).

My shoulders/neck have been hurting lately. But I doubt that has anything to do with the fact that I'm pregnant. What helps me? Making sure I put heat on it each night. It I don't it really hurts the next day.

I hope you feel better soon!

Avorie said...

How awful! I'm about as far along as you are and my poor hubby thinks that he has it rough because I now sleep with 4 pillows and vaporizer while I groan every time I roll over in the waterbed. Not to mention the SEVERE leg cramps, hip pain, etc...

I totally feel for ya!