Thursday, October 27, 2005


Yes... the baby is most definately kicking now. All... the... time! :) I woke up at 6 am this morning to what felt like the million man march in my belly, only to realize that I was starving. So a nice bowl of cereal, and I was back in bed to sleep a little longer. What's funny is, the baby doesn't want to kick when other people are around... just when mommy is by herself, and can't share the joy of the baby kicking with anyone. He won't kick for Forrest... he wouldn't kick for my mom this weekend... he's just all out stubborn about some things.
But you know what? I'm happy he's kicking. Because the more he kicks, the more I love him. It's becoming real to me now, not only because of the kicking, but because of the name we've picked out. It's a great name, y'all... and I am dying to tell you, but... I must refrain. I know that I'm going to slip up and tell someone the name by accident. I did it once with Forrest's brother, and then again this weekend with my parents at the William and Mary football game. Thankfully, no one heard me either time except Forrest, who threatened divorce if I slipped again (kidding! he wouldn't do that!!!) We're thinking we may give a hint at Christmas to our family (since we're so broke, and hey! what a great gift that's free!!!)... so we'll see what happens.
In other baby-related news... is anyone else as excited as I am that Bush withdrew his nominee for Supreme Court Justice?! Because seriously? Who the HELL is he listening to these days?! It sure ain't Karl Rove... I'm sure the ol' turd blossom isn't in too good of favor with his boss (did you know that Bush actually calls Rove turd blossom? I'm not making this up) There was a recent poll, and Bush's approval rating among blacks is 2%... according to Newsweek, that's lower than Jefferson Davis' approval rating... how they got that information, I have no idea... but seriously? 2%?! Wow... Anyways... I'd probably better step down off my political soapbox, but oh how I enjoy sitting back and watching the Republican party squirm... *evil grin* Is that wrong of me???


Isabel said...

How cool that you can feel him kicking. I can't wait for that.

So, how far along were you before you *knew* it was the baby and not just growing pains?

Avorie said...

Nicknames like Turd Blossom and Brown Suggar have got to be boarderline harassment in the workplace. I know I wouldn't want to be the one referred to as Turd Blossom!