Thursday, September 08, 2005

Y'all want a picture?!?!

Belly Shot
Originally uploaded by meandscreech.
Well, here ya go! Here's me, being brave, and posting a picture of my fat @$$! :) just kidding... this picture actually turned out okay! :)
I have some more new pictures over at our flickr page ( I'll be posting some pictures of our new apartment, which I cleaned just for the internet! Just so you can see that I'm not a lazy bum, and I do stuff during the day! :) Anyways.... enjoy the belly shot!


Reesh said...

You look fantastic and I love that shirt! Thanks for posting yer belly pic...


Nana Cathy said...

You look precious! Can't wait to see you in person!!! Thanks for the pic! Love, Nana Cathy

Forrest said...


Matthew said...

You look great! (So stop clling yourself fat! You're not fat, you're pregnant!)

Also, about the bear. I hope you're not going to have him babysit. While he looks like he does his fair share of chores and pitches in around the house, it also looks like he has some serious chemical dependency issues that should be addressed before the baby arrives.