Sunday, July 24, 2005

First Ultrasound

Daddy Symptoms:

So on Friday we all had our first little visit to the doctor. And an official confirmation that, yes, we are pregnant (so Corinne's not just going crazy :-). It was a great visit and everyone is very healthy. Lots of great insight and info from the OB-GYN and nurses and lots of naive questions from us.

Perhaps the most amazing thing was the ultrasound. Seeing the grainy image of a little human growing inside of Corinne really seemed to make everything real. Hearing/seeing the little heartbeat was amazing—literally a life changing event. To think that a human can grow and develop from two cells in just nine months is nothing short of a miracle.

In this book I've been reading, the author talks about the need for men to be active and how that makes pregnancy and childbirth a very difficult thing (considering that we as dads just sort of watch passively from the sidelines for a good bit of it). That's been something that's been difficult for me: just sitting there and not really being able to do anything besides taking care of Corinne. We have this pregnancy journal kind of thing, though, and oddly enough I've gotten pretty into keeping up with that. It has space for all the notes we take at the doctor's visits and places to record all of the things we need to remember for later. As I'm realizing more and more, I have this strange—and sometimes obsessive—need to document and remember things but it sort of gives me something useful to do in the meantime *shrug*. Hahahaha, we were saying this weekend, though, if the whole pregnancy and childbirth thing was left up to men, the human race would probably die out within a couple of true :-D. I'm content to be moral support at this point.

But back to the visit: we have a great copy of the ultrasound that we're going to put up soon on our Flickr account so everyone can see the little one (he/she's a handsome little guy/girl if I say so myself; must take after its momma :-D).

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