Tuesday, July 12, 2005

8 weeks and 1 day

-food cravings

Today, I start my first day into my third month (I think)... all of the pregnancy calanders are so confusing, I know I'm 8 weeks and 1 day, so that means 2 months and one day. So I figure I'm on my first day of the third month. YAY! My first real appointment is next friday, and I cannot WAIT! We get an ultrasound and everything. YAY! Pictures of the BABYYYY!! :) After the appointment, we're driving down to the beach to be with my family :) Everyone on my mom's side of the family is planning on being at the beach for the whole week. We can't be down for the whole week b/c I have to work, but I'm determined to go down at least one day to see everyone! :) Plus, I'll have baby pictures to show everyone... and we all know nothing is cuter than the first baby pictures, especially to new grandmas and grandpas. :)

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Reesh said...

Hey there! How funny, I have a blog called www.2pinklines.blogspot.com
which follows the trials and tribulations of my pregnancy. I am going to check yours out now to see if our pregnancy's are similar.
Also I just wanted to clear up the mystery of weeks vs. months cause I was a little confused too. A pregnancy lasts 10 lunar months or 9 regular months. A lunar month is exactly 4 weeks or 28 days and a regular month is 30 or 31 days. Therefore, if you are 8 weeks pregnant you are not quite 2 months.
I hope that makes sense...
Take care,