Friday, June 22, 2007

Open Letter to the Psycho in the Pacifica

Dear Crazy Lady,

You do realize that there are such things are rear view mirrors, right? And you realize that if those malfunction, you can glance over your shoulders to check behind you, right? I ask this, because it would seem you have no earthly idea how to drive. I was carrying my 16 month old toddler into Target (and 7 month belly), when you decided to grand prix out of your parking spot while I walked directly behind your car. I don't know how you missed seeing me, as I'm the size of a cow right now, on top of the fact that I was hauling my toddler. But nonetheless, you continued to back out, despite my screaming, "HEY! HEY!" to you. I nearly fell backwards trying to get out of the way. I finally got out of your way, as you continued to back up, unaware that you'd almost killed me, my son, and my unborn child. I looked, and you were busy chatting on your cell phone, completely oblivious to your rearview mirrors and all. Then, you pulled back into your spot.

Crazy lady... you weren't even LEAVING! You were just straightening up your car, which honestly, didn't need to be straightened anyway. I looked around as I clutched my toddler in a death grip, and saw 10 witnesses, with mouths agape, so I know it wasn't my fault. Maybe next time, slow down if you're backing up and for the love of God, please use those rearview mirrors!!!

The Big, Ol' Pregnant lady you almost hit


Anonymous said...

that b*tch! I'm glad you're alright.

Chas said...

Oh my scary!! They are ALWAYS on the phone!

It's funny that it was a Pacifica though...we looked into buying on last year and the salesman actually warned us against it b/c he says there's a major problem with a blindspot!

Janene said...

Stupid Crazy Lady ~ I'm glad you're all okay. I can only imagine how long it took you to catch your breath. And get your heart rate back down to normal.

Sara said...

How scary! I'm glad y'all are okay though.

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