Monday, May 07, 2007

14 months


A few weeks ago, you turned 14 months. I know, I know, I'm a little behind in the monthly newsletter, but this blogging thing is getting harder and harder, as it is way more fun to play with you. More and more, you are developing the most precious and wonderful personality, making it harder and harder to put to words how you've changed.

This month, your vocabulary has taken off. You learn signs very fast, and you're not afraid to try out new words. Just last night, you were carrying your toy remote around, and held it up to me as if to ask what it was. I told you it was a remote. You paused, looked at it, and slowly but very confidently repeated "meh-mote". The pure wonder in that moment of you repeating back to me what I'd just said can never be described. I sat there in amazement, begging you to say it again by prompting, "what is this?" You'd reply, "Mote!" "Meh-MOTE!" with excitement. Later that night, during your bath, you picked up a fish, made the sign for it (you just learned the sign yesterday) and then said, "ey-yee". You pointed to the fish's eye, then to your own, looking up to daddy and me for confirmation. You pointed to the mouth and said, "mou" and then to the nose and said "nuh". You know all the parts of your face, including ear "ee-yer". You also made a sign up for daddy's beard, where you stroke your chin as though you're up to no good.

Not only are you an excellent communicator, but you figure things out so incredibly fast. You know that keys work in cars and doors, and if you find daddy's keys, you either attempt to open the front door to go outside (your favorite sign right now) or you ride your tractor, trying to fit the keys in the ignition. You know that doors open by their handles, and you are constantly trying to open doors. We are soon going to have to buy some safety knobs so that you can't open them. Saturday night, Gram babysat you, and she pulled out one of Uncle Jussy's old toys. It was a workbench, complete with screws, hammers, and bolts, and the necessary tools to manipulate them. Gram showed you how to turn the screwdriver and make the screw go in. You grabbed the screwdriver from her, placed it properly in the screw, and started turning. Just like that, you'd figured it out.

This month also was a hard month. You've cut 4 teeth this month, and you're already working on your canines. This hasn't been a fun experience, but usually, you handle it like a champ. The only time that it's just too much for you is in the evening, when our day is winding down. You begin to get fussy, and very quickly, it turns into hysterical screams of pain that nothing can soothe. We try to soothe the pain, oh boy do we try. But holding you close is about the only thing that seems to help. After crying yourself tired, you wind up falling asleep, and then amazingly you then sleep 13 hours straight, without as much as a peep from you. The only thing we figure is that you're just so tired from all that crying that you just poop out.

This month, you've also started helping us out a whole lot. You're fascinated with the broom, and help mommy sweep the deck off. You also love helping us dust the coffee table. But the most fun we've had cleaning was when we washed the car in the from yard. You grabbed a rag, and helped us wash the dirt off. You weren't sure about the water coming out of the hose, but that didn't stop you from exploring how it worked, even if every time the water came out, you cried and ran for one of us.

But all in all, you are a brave little boy, venturing out in the yard to check new things out, climbing on top of everything you can, and learning to slide off the bed feet first. You love dogs, and cats, even if Garfield, Gram and Grandaddy's cat, hissed at you after you grabbed his tail. You love other kids, and love playing with them. You make friends with everyone you meet, and have never met a stranger.

I only hope that this next month holds as much joy and fun as this last one, as it seems every month gets better and better. I know everyone always says that it gets better, and as cliche as that may sound, it is so very true. I say that every month, but I can't help it. I love you little man... keep up the hard work of learning, and never, ever give up.



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