Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Recap

This weekend was surprisingly relaxing, seeing as it included a lot of cleaning and plenty of play in the surprise snowstorm we got. We worked hard and played harder, but something about being home for the first weekend in a while with nothing to do just made it a perfect weekend.

Again with the climbing


Mommy and me playing in the snow

The snow was coming down so hard that after only a 15 minute walk in the snow, Forrest and Shepherd had almost an inch of snow in them!

Daddy playing with Shepherd's Doodle Pro

If only I could teach him how to use this...

More fun with the Swiffer

The number one reason our weekend was so great... the cutest kid EVER


Tracey said...

Love the pictures! He's such a climber. Oy... I know your pain. We are all over the place over here...

Kristin said...

Looks like a fun weekend!

Logan likes the swiffer too. I can't wait until he can really do chores. But, by then I'm sure he won't even touch the thing.

Chris said...

Yay for snow! And swiffers!! ;-)

Suzanne said...

you look so pretty in the snow! Great pictures!