Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cabin Fever

I think this week has been the earliest in my life that I have uttered "I wish it was spring already". I'm so tired of cold weather, mostly because I love going outside. I miss going out to get fresh air without having to bundle up as though we're headed for an artic excursion. Granted, I don't always dress that way, but dressing a toddler for outside feels as though I'm wrestling a 24 pound baby seal into a jacket and a hat. Todays high is supposed to be 53 degrees, but with snow on the ground and sidewalks, even a walk outside will be a chore. Don't get me wrong, I'll still go outside, because otherwise, I'll develop a bad case of cabin fever.

I've always been a winter person, always relishing the cold, enjoying the snow, and wrapping myself in blankets cradling a cup of hot cocoa. But this winter, I've utterly despised the cold. It's just hard to get out in with an active one year old. He doesn't seem to have the tolerence for the cold that I do (hmmm... wonder why? Maybe he's 200 lbs lighter?!?!) and gets quite fussy if he gets cold. I've gotten creative in our outings this winter, and I've tried to get out once a day. This week promises to be the best week for outings, as we start Gymboree this week, along with the other list of activities I have written out. But today? Today I'm stumped. I'm tempted to stay inside all day, but know that if I do, by the time Forrest gets home, I'll be sitting in the corner, rocking to and fro, giggling quitely to myself as I slowly succumb to the mania.

So this is where I need your help... What are some things YOU do to get out during the dead of winter? What are some activities you do around the house that get your mind off of being stuck inside(and don't say cleaning... I've already cleaned my house... I even bought a real mop!!)?


Liza said...

I seem to think that you're in Northern Virginia somewhere, but I can't remember why I think that.

I suspect it's a long shlep into the District, but you have a BUNCH of cool places to go once you get there.

All the Smithsonians, the National Gallery of Art, the Monuments. They'll all be new exciting adventures for Shepherd. And I've heard that the NGA has a great little restaurant; I bet all of them have snack bars. Depending on your tolerance and $$$ to spend on parking, you could park at someplace like Pentagon City and metro in the rest of the way.

Beth Fish said...

We go to Petsmart. Just went this morning, in fact.

Reesh said...

I have people over, it's the only way I can get thru the day if I HAVE to stay at home. I call up moms from one of our playgroups and tell them to come over for tea and snacks. They are almost always desperate for an outing as well.

Alternately, if there is no scheduled playgroup I'll go hang out at a baby consignment store just for something to do. There's always lot's of mom's with babies there and a play area Lily can run a muck in. It passes away about an hour of my day and gives me enough of a break that I don't feel so crazy.

Chris said...

I'm totally over the cold weather. I have no suggestions. I only go to work.

Tina said...

We just go outside. Tyler (14 months) just likes to wander around, picking up rocks and looking at them, etc. If there is snow on the ground, we give him a sandbox shovel and bucket and he'll fill it and refill it. Also walking around w/him on the sled.

We also go shopping every Friday - he eats his morning snack in the stroller while I shop, then we pick a sitting area and I let him run around (not the play area, gross).

At home, we just let him wander around going from room to room - we have different toys in EVERY ROOM so each place is New! and Exciting!