Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Hello All...

I'm still down in NC where the weather is actually decent. Poor Forrest drove back to work a few days and found himself in a nasty snow/sleet/ice/freezing rain storm. But all is well.

I talked with his mom this morning, and things are daily improving with his step-dad. His kidney function is much better, his swelling is down... and they've almost got him completely off the ventilator. He has to wake up before they take him 100% off. The ventilator is breathing about only 4 times a minute for him, which is much better than 100% of the time. It'll take a while to wake up since the anesthesia is stored in the body, and takes a while to wear off. So, things are looking much better than a few days ago.

Shepherd has died and gone to heaven here at Gram and Grandaddy's. He has 24 hour access to a real, live D-O-G (as Shepherd would call it, the "og" or he'd just pant like the dog). Also in the house is a real, live C-A-T, "tat". That and the much needed room to run around the house and wear his little self slap out. He's slept better than he's ever slept these past few nights, sleeping from 7 to 8 am (not counting the few times he wakes up because of the MOLARS he's cutting)(MOLARS!!!!)(My baby is getting so big!)

Anyways... we've got a big party planned for Saturday, and I've still not decided what to do about the cake. I'm sure it'll come to me. Oh well, little man is almost done with lunch (I'm sitting at the kitchen table typing as he eats), so I'd better go.

Thanks again for all your prayers/thoughts/meditations!!


Rude Cactus said...

Glad things are looking better! Good thoughts still headed your way!

rachel spiceland said...

I'm so glad to hear things are looking so much better! I've been thinking and praying for you and your family, so it's good to hear things are looking up. If you have the chance, tell Forrest I said hello and I'm thinking of him too!