Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It's so good to be able to talk about the pregnancy now, after waiting a week and a half. We didn't want to tell anyone because my brother-in-law's wedding was this past weekend, so we didn't want to take away from their special thing. :) I've been struggling to blog lately because all I can think about is the pregnancy... that, and I've been incredibly tired and trying to keep up with an almost walking kiddo.

Speaking of the kiddo, poor thing not only has strep, but now has a viral rash that's broken out all over his body. And to make matters worse, this morning, he was trying to walk, but fell and hit his nose. Normally, this would be okay, except this time, he hit it pretty hard, and there was a nice trickle of blood coming out of his nose. Nothing so far has made me hurt worse than seeing that little, tiny amount of blood trickle out. He's fine now, and he's back on his antibiotics (after a scare that the rash might be an allergic reaction), so hopefully, the whole thing will clear up soon. Poor kid is pretty miserable.

As to how I'm feeling... I'm actually feeling surprisingly okay. I'll have a sudden hunger pang here and there, and I've been sick once, but otherwise, knock on wood, I haven't had any morning sickness. The only thing I've had is an increase in fatigue and of course, I'm a bit "bustier" than usual. We figure the baby is due around September 12. We're so excited we can hardly stand it... I guess the thing I'm most excited about is seeing Shepherd as an older brother. He's already so sweet with other kids, I can't wait to see him with his brother/sister.

Maybe some of you out there with multiple children can help me out here... I think the hardest thing about this pregnancy is the guilt. I feel guilty for not being quite AS excited as I was with Shepherd, since he was our first. I know that this child won't get nearly the amount of attention, or at least he'll have to share that attention. I'm worried that I won't get as many pictures (actually, I'm positive I won't)... how do you guys handle it? Is it something that just happens, and I should just go with it? I'm also very much aware that Shepherd won't be getting the same amount of attention, so it will level off with him, too, and they will both share in our attention.

Again, thank you so much for all your congratulations... Your joy makes our joy complete, and we are SO excited to see how the next 9 months go. :)


Cindy said...

I'm a day late! Congratulations to you and your family.

Liza said...

OMG! Congratulations!!! Shepherd is going to be a great big brother, and I am so glad that you get to blog freely again. :)

Kristin said...

Congrats, Corrine!

I can't believe you & Reesh are baby #2 buddies again. How crazy is that??!!

Yeah for exciting times ahead for your family!

isabel said...

It's going to be great. Don't worry.

(haaa, who am I to tell you not to worry!?)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I'm not really one who is able to give advice about the second child.

At least not the kind you are asking for. I mean, I hardly did anything in those two minutes between their births. I just laid there and cursed at the doctors. Most likely, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Lurker here- COngrats. had the same worries and feelings with my second. I can only offer a**vice which is that you do different things with each child b/c they require different amounts of time, energy, and attention. But, the interaction between my daughters is so precious and unexpectedly wonderful (90% of the time) that makes up for the fact that the younger has fewer "solo" pictures and more hand-me-downs. I love being able to do different activities with my older daughter and then spending nursing or cuddling time with my younger. And, neither baby book is complete!! Congrats!

Erika said...

The 2 kids thing is something I worry about too. First of all I am an only child so I've never seen it firsthand. Plus I always think about what we've done for Evan...pregnancy scrapbook, decorating the nursery, baby shower, etc. and I figure the second will be all "hand me downs". I don't know how it works but I guess it does.

Forrest said...

Even when kids get older, I wonder if they even notice who has more pictures or who received more attention. Kids (especially young ones) are pretty naive. By the time they're old enough to remember, I would guess that each child would be getting about the same amount of attention.

I know I never noticed. My brother and I were so close together it always felt like we received the same amount of everything: attention, pictures, Christmas presents, etc.

Also, I think if you're (we're) concerned about it, then it will likely not be a problem. Simply being aware of the issue and the potential problems is the biggest thing, I think.

Sam said...

I know the second child doesn't necessarily get the same amount of attention, but I had a younger brother and I think he did just fine - in fact, I was his "second" mom and he got tired of that, real fast! We all enjoyed our red headed baby boy so much. In fact, if I have a boy, I secretly hope he'll end up with red hair!

Also, I adore the name Shepherd. I floated it as a possibility to my husband, who nixed it. Pooh on him, I just love it!

girl from florida said...

OH MY GOSH!! I'm late, but CONGRATULATIONS! I am SO delighted for you, Corrin!!! Yippeee!! You, Reesh, Mary all having babies again. SO exciting! I admit I am a teeny itsy bit envious :) I cannot wait to share this with you through your blog :)

adrienne said...

another lurker here- i have read your blog from time to time because our boys are almost the same age. and i thought i was the only one crazy enough to get pregnant so soon again! (we are due end of july) so congrats!!! and no, don't feel bad about being not as excited, i am the SAME WAY. there were many days in the very beginning where i even forgot i was pregnant, then my husband would come home and rub my tummy and i'd be like 'oh, ya!' serisously, pathetic, i know.
anyway, good luck and congrats, again.

Chris said...

Congrats!!! And happy delurking week!

Lizzy said...

I know I'm let, but thrilled for you nonetheless. You, Reesh,!
I wonder who's next?!
Congratulations to you, Forrest, and Big Brother Shepherd!