Friday, January 12, 2007

Political Bent

Without delving too deep into politics, did any of you watch last nights presidential speech regarding the escalation surge? Not that it hasn't been well documented here before, but I am DONE with the president. I'm tired of this war, and have not supported it from day 1. I remember watching in sadness as the first bombs fell on Baghdad. There HAS to be other ways of dealing with tyrants other than violence. Anyways... I was honestly shocked that Bush accepted responsibility for the failures in Iraq. I sat in pure delight as he took the blame. As he said that, I turned to my husband and said,

"Those Dems have really got him shook up."

After the speech, they interviewed several key senators/possible candidates for '08. They interviewed McCain, Edwards, and Obama. First up was Edwards, whom I kind of like. The only thing is he's dripping in so much southern sweetness, that at times, I feel a tad nauseus (and I'm from the south!!!). Granted, that's only a superficial thing, and as far as men go, he's top notch. Then was McCain. In the past I've loved McCain. He's been my top man for president because he always carried that aura of a rouge Republican. You kind of never knew what he'd say or do, and I like that in a man... someone who does what's right despite party lines. Lately, though, I feel like he's pandering to the religious right and the hyper-conservatives. He's not the same man that I pulled so hard for in 2000. Then... there was Obama.

He's so articulate, and had so many important things to say. I leaned in towards the TV and sighed, then whispered, "Can you please be my president?"


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Yeah, I kind of have a crush on him too.

debra said...

ditto. :)

cj said...

Someone once said "Wars are fought and when they are through,no one remembers what they were fighting for." I grew up an army brat and daddy refused to talk about what he did or what he saw. He told us over and over, No one wants to go but we signed up for our country to do whatever it takes to keep it a free nation. He hated war as most soldiers do but he fought because our nation was blindsided in Pearl Harbor. Did we know exactly the reason, not then. Did we fight for revenge, not really. We elect our presidents as the final spokesperson for the country. He only gets the intellegance that others gather and then with help he choses A or B. Do you think we would want a President that sat back and chose nothing after 911? As I recall we were all afraid and crying for help or justice. I don't know the answer either but I believe he is only a man that trust others around him to get him facts that we are not privy too until years after the war. And we cry, why didn't we know? It doesn't matter who is in that office when the decision comes to make, A or B, stand up and choose one. Thank God for the men and women who don't question but go and are ever so proud to let us sleep in peace at night. Kids, mostly, terrified, for sure, and yet they go to try and stop what we never started. It's only my opinion and I am not trying to offend anyone,or change your veiw. I guess I was thinking of my daddy and the flag that covered his coffin and how proud he was, how quiet he was never speaking a negative word but shedding tears every time he heard taps playing for a fallen soldier! I Thank God that someone chooses the A or B so I don't have too. I pray that Jax never has to fight but should that day come I pray that he like so many young men have will stand up and know that God is Truely the one in charge,not just a President. Thank you for allowing me to express my one opinion. cj winn aka nannie

justin said...

if obama runs and wins, i will dance in the streets. i have so much hope..

and there's so much i'd like to say regarding the last comment, but i'm not trying to start a debate on here, so i'll just keep my thoughts to myself.

Corinne said...

cj thank you so much for your comments... and also, thank you for keeping it respectful and unoffensive. So many times, I encounter those with opinions contrary to my own, and I get flamed.

As to whether I agree or not, that we already know I probably don't. I believe that a democracy is based on questioning. Without our questions, we end up blindly following, ignorant to what is really going on.

As Ben Franklin so eloquently stated, "Whate'ers begun in anger ends in shame."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kindness and for letting me state my one opinion. You are a gracious hostess. hugs cj winn

Erika said...

I was so shocked by the actual "it was my fault" wording he used! Like, mouth hung open in shock, and I was actually proud of GWB for the very first time.

I guess an American doesn't have the right to think their country is being led in the wrong direction if they aren't related to someone in the military?