Monday, January 29, 2007

No nap Monday

As I type this, Shepherd is refusing his afternoon nap, leaving one very grumpy boy and one very exhausted mommy. I finally had it with his grumpiness, and put him in his crib, where he is currently screaming because he's mad at me. I know, I'm the worst mother ever (which I know is totally not true, because sometimes we mothers just need a gosh darn BREAK).

Anyways.. I haven't been the best at writing lately, probably because the only things I can think to write about are the morning sickness, the exhaustion, and again with the morning sickness. (Ooo, the screaming stopped! maybe he's asleep?) I know you guys have heard enough of the "whoa is me! I'm sick" shpeel, so on to better things.

Shepherd is learning things super fast now. Faster than I'd expected, and honestly, I'm surprised at how smart he is. It's amazing what these little ones are capable of communicating at such an early age. On Friday of last week, we went over to Sarah's house for a playdate with Claudia, Ian, and Mia. Sarah has these two cats, which Shepherd totally ADORED. The entire time we were there, he chased them and kept calling after them, "tat!" "tat!" Yes, it's official, my son now knows how to say "cat". Over the weekend, I showed Forrest how Shepherd will wave bye-bye to the apartment when we leave to go somewhere, and on Saturday, as we were putting his coat on, he started waving and saying, "ba-ba" over and over again until we left. It's so amazing that he can say and understand that concept.

This morning, after he woke up, and spent a good 30 minutes crawling around the apartment calling out for "da-da", he finally walked into the living room, and looked at me, then turned around, leaned against the sofa, and waved to the apartment, "ba-ba". This kid is SMART! He was telling me he wanted to either go get daddy, or he just wanted out of our tight quarters. So I bundled him up, and we headed to DC. We went to the National Museum of Natural History to look at the dinosaurs and the other animals there. Shepherd was totally fascinated with everything, and would squeal out in joy at every new thing he saw. It was so adorable. After a while there, we left (I was beginning to feel sick again). On our way home, we stopped for lunch, and I ate my first "real meal" (something that consisted of something other than bacon and yogurt) in over a week. And so far, I've kept it down. YAY! Ever since, we've been home playing. I'd love to report that Shepherd is STILL napping, but no such luck... he's screaming again, so I'd probably better go...


Isabel said...

I hope you start to feel better soon!!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

A real meal is good! Shepherd can feel free to chase my cats any day. They are used to it.

Anonymous said...

Once, when Drew was small, I put him in his crib and went outside for 5 minutes so I couldn't hear him scream. Because I couldn't leave him to cry if I heard him. It's not just you.

I hope you get over the morning sickness soon. It sucks.