Tuesday, January 23, 2007

7 week list

Things to do:

-Eat small meals often.... check
-Purchase and take Vitamin B6 supplements... check
-Purchase and wear Sea-bands... check
-Drink Gingerale... check
-Eat Saltine crackers...check
-Stick with Bland Foods...check

Things that don't work:

-Eat small meals often
-Purchase and take Vitamin B6 supplements
-Purchase and wear Sea-bands
-Drink Gingerale
-Eat Saltine crackers
-Stick with Bland Foods

Things I've done today:

-Phoned Ralph on the big white phone
-Gone shopping
-Attempted to eat something
-Spent time hugging Johnny
-Attempted to drink something
-Practiced some more of the lateral cookie toss
-Sat here wondering if I should try some more food...


Forrest said...

My poor baby! Just remember it'll all be worth it someday :-D...

Erika said...

Corinne. Please stop reminding me. I have just now forgotten about morning sickness.

Poor girl!!! I hope Shepherd is being a good nurse to you.

Avorie said...

Oh! Sounds awful! There is nothing like morning sickness. I really feel bad for you and hope it passes quickly.