Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I need the help of you, dear friends. Say you are fortunate enough to have friends (what? I used to not have friends!). Say that you are invited to a baby shower for one of those friends. Say that friend is just that... a friend, not a really close one, but a friend. You don't talk but maybe once a week, and that's because you see each other at bible study. Now... say you receive a second invitation, to ANOTHER baby shower. Do you:

a.) Go, even though you've already bought them a gift and attended one shower, but this time, top them all by purchasing the most expensive item on their registry.

b.) Chuck the invite in the trash, and forget it ever happened. Blame the US Postal Service when asked why you didn't attend.

c.) Politely decline, citing a recent bout of deadly meningitis that you seem to have contracted.

d.) {insert your answer}


Anonymous said...

Um, I would not go to a second shower for someone that wasn't my best friend. If asked I'd claim I had a previous engagement.

Yeah. I'm a wuss.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I'd say I couldn't make it too.

Kristin said...

We went to a second shower for Bills sister. I wouldn't have gone to a second one for anyone other than family.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I have to agree

(Sorry, I'm popping up out of nowhere...I'm just browsing blogs and thought I'd comment)

I'd have to say that 1 shower where you know very few people and only know the mom-to-be casually is enough. Find some excuse...that is if they even ask for an excuse (which I think would be kinda rude). Hopefully, a nice, "I'm so sorry but I'm not going to be able to make your OTHER shower." should work. :)

Eva said...

Absolutely no obligation to go, would be my vote. Maybe not meningitis but I'd probably got the teething option (baby, not you. Or maybe you, actually...)
I find baby showers really painful unless you know the person very well, so I'd probably have fast talked my way out of the first one aswell.
How come she is having two anyway!! I'm impressed- I might try that next time. Two babies so far, 0 showers. I need new friends.

Anonymous said...

Two baby showers for the same person? I'd buy one gift and go to the one that I thought I'd have more fun at (more people I know). And I don't know this person but that's probably all she'd expect? Maybe she just wants you to come and wasn't sure which one would fit your schedule better.

Anonymous said...

How rude of them to invite you to two! Can you say trolling for gifts? I would call the second person who invited you and say you couldn't go because you're already committed to another shower for the mom-to-be...that second person needs to rethink their guest list!!