Thursday, October 12, 2006


I consider myself a pretty intelligent person. At least intelligent enough to have common sense. But somehow, last night, the idiocity (is that even a word!? Forgive me if not) of my brain took over, and I was held hostage by the TV until close to 12 am. What was so fascinating? Well, there was Lost. Which, totally has me sucked in. To the point where I regularly dream that I'm one of the survivors. The of course, followed by Project Runway. I mean, who CAN resist the wonderful Tim Gunn?? ha. Then, when I should have headed to bed, I switched to Comedy Central and watched the tail end of the Daily Show, and most of the Colbert Report. So by the time I went to sleep, it was after midnight. Stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID Corinne.

You see, I don't function very well without sleep. At least one decent stretch of sleep, that is. And last night, I got nothing of the sorts. Yes, I did sleep. But very poorly. I got 2.5 hours before Shepherd woke up needing to eat. Then, he woke up again at 5 am because his diaper had leaked. Nothing irritates me more than when a wet diaper wakes my son up. Seriously. I know that if he'd not leaked, he would have slept later, allowing me at the very least, another hour of sweet, blessed sleep. But again, this is my row to hoe. I know it's my fault.

My only hope now is that Shepherd will take a monster morning nap here in another hour, and I'll be afforded at least an hour and half of sleep. We'll see if that happens... until then, I'll watch Shepherd crawl around, sitting up on his own, and pulling to standing. I swear he's 8 seconds away from cruising, since he took several steps along the side of the couch yesterday. He's growing up so fast.... need evidence (or a good dose of cuteness with your morning latte)? You asked for it!!!


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I love that little green hat.

Much More Than A Mom said...

Wow - that is one huge dose of cute!