Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rain, Rain Go Away

I know, I know... we need the rain. And as much as I know this, I can't stand rainy days. Or at least, I can't stand being at home, alone, with a kid, on rainy days. It used to be nice, as I could cuddle up to Forrest on a rainy day, and just wrap up and watch TV. But now that there's a baby here, I don't watch much TV during the day (night time is another story, more on that in a minute). So getting outside is out of the question, and the only thing that allows me to walk around without getting totally soaked is going to the mall. Most people would love to go to the mall, and usually I do. But the state of my silloutte lately has me hating to shop. I'm not used to buying in the sizes that I am right now, much less am I used to disgusing my figure (even when pregnant, I liked things fitted, and it was okay, because my belly? It's a baby! not flab!). So I hate shopping for me. As for Shepherd, he has all the clothes he needs (well, I did need to get him another pair of pants, as it's no longer shorts weather, and the only pants he has are too big in the waist) (oh, and a jacket, as it's way too chilly out for just a t-shirt) (And, I guess there was the must-have, a-freakin-dorable hat that he can wear this winter... I mean it was on sale!!) (okay, okay, I'll fess up, I bought one more thing, but all of this stuff was on sale... I swear it was!! I was even able to pay cash for it...) So I guess I can always shop for Shepherd... speaking of that, I found the coolest store out there to shop for kids clothes. Next size up, I'm going to H&M for his clothes, because they are so awesome!!! (I would link to some outfits, but can't find pictures on their site) So, after walking around the mall (pretty fast, trying to get somewhat of a workout), we're home.

I mentioned about watching TV at night... Forrest and I just finished watching season 2 of Lost, trying to catch up for the new season. We are hooked... can't wait until the new season starts. Also? I'm hooked on Project Runway. Yes, I know... cheesy reality show, but seriously? I'm hooked. I was a tad sad to see Kayne go home last night, but understood why. I love, love, LOVE Michael, and hope he wins. I love how he helped Kayne out by pulling him aside and pointing out that the dress looked kinda "working girl-ish". Him and Laura both... I like. I know most people probably don't care much about the show, but I have always loved watching people make clothes. When I was little, I used to make clothes for my Barbies. I would spend hours trying to make something cool, but never had the skills necessary to make it work. These people are awesome. They can make something out of nothing in a matter of hours... and I love that.

Enough about TV... I'd better go, little man is waking up from a nap! :)


Beth Fish said...

I love H&M kids clothes! We should go together next time, and I will get to pick out boy clothes and you can pick out girl clothes.

Much More Than A Mom said...

I feel ya - we had that kind of a day here today. It sucked. But I got a few pages scrapbooked during a short nap.

Erika said...

lol..."make it work". This is my first season and I really like it. I hope Michael wins too, he is so consistent but not boring.