Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Stages

We are entering new stages here at our house. Shepherd is starting to crawl. So far it's a few steps here, and a few steps here, mostly accompanied by lots of rolling around and across the room. So much so that as soon as I'd turn my back, Shepherd would have something valuable (like our camera) and would be chewing on it. So... we've introduced the play-yard.

I'd been looking for weeks for a used SuperYard XT, but hadn't had any luck. So finally, my mom, with desperate foreknowing, urged me to go ahead and purchase one. She knew what kinds of changes my world was about to make, so with her prodding (and funding, thanks mom!) I went and purchased one. It... is... AWESOME. For once I can actually put Shepherd down, and run to the bathroom really quick without having to sit him on the floor of our bathroom (ew!) and let him play with the toilet paper. It's also nice in that I don't have to clean his toys up every day. I can put a few toys in there, and just leave them. YAY! Organized chaos!!! :)

Also? This has meant the end of a lot of my free time during the day, as I'm so worn out from playing with him, that when he naps, I nap, so no blogging during napping. And right now? I'm furiously typing as he plays contendedly in the play yard, so I probably need to go.

So yay for almost crawling! Boo for no time to read blogs or write.


Alissa said...

Wow. He plays contentedly in the playpen? My kids wouldn't stay in one longer than 2-3 minutes without screaming. I didn't use one at home, but the sitter had one for naptime. Once Drew could pull himself up he learned to hang on to the side and rock back and forth hard until he could tip it over and escape. He had to take naps on a pallet on the floor after that!

Reesh said...

Yep I hear the no time for blogging thing. Since Lily's been crawling my blog has been severly lacking. Admittedly, she's way more important, but I still enjoy updating and reading blogs.