Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saturday Morning Brew

Well, last night was a wash. Shepherd went down easily at 7:30, and Forrest and I retired to the living room to work a puzzle that I'd bought. It's been so long since either of us worked a puzzle, but it was fun. Then we headed to bet fairly early to hopefully get a full nights sleep. Not so. Shepherd was up at odd hours. He woke up at 12, then again at 1. After pulling him into bed with us, I woke up at 3, and decided to move him to his room (since he was DEAD asleep and I wanted to sleep without worrying about the baby being in the bed). He slept there until 4 am, and then woke up again. I fed him, and put him back to sleep, and he slept until 6 am. At 6, I rolled over and told Forrest he was in charge. After a frustrating hour of trying to calm Shepherd down, I called Forrest into the room, and told him I'd nurse Shepherd again. And so, I was awake (barely) and Shepherd was bright eyed and bushy tailed by 7 am. I made a deal with Forrest that I'd let him sleep for another hour and a half, if when the time was up, I got to go back to bed for however long I want. He bought it. So I changed Shepherd's diaper, and made a quick trip to Starbucks (yes, I have a coffee maker, and yes, I could have made it myself... but no, it wouldn't be as good, and Dadgummit, I've practically been up since 3 am, I DESERVE a good mocha). (Actually, I should have gotten a Latte, as I forgot that I'm about mocha'd out, oh well). So now we're back, and Shepherd's playing quietly with the big yellow bucket that his blocks go in. He'd rather bang on that than play with his blocks. It's so cute. Well, I'm going to go play with little man and wait for my 8:30 nap. :) Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend

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Anonymous said...

Yuck. Saturdays should be the one day you get to sleep in.

Unfortunately my boys are both early risers. They're up at 6, without fail, no matter how late they were up. I think I might be starting to get used to it...