Monday, August 07, 2006

Post Secret

I checked this book out today at the library to show Forrest. (They also have a website) We were thumbing through it, and talking about secrets, and we realized we'd shared a lot of secrets with one another, so much so that we had a hard time thinking of a unique secret that we hadn't told one another. After 30 minutes of thinking and piddling around the house, I rememebered something, and laughed out loud as I ran from the bedroom to the kitchen, where Forrest was doing dishes, to tell him.

My secret?

When I was young (12-14??), my brother and I placed a book of erotic sexual positions in the childrens book section of Waldenboks. I laugh now about it, but really, how horrible was I?!?! I can't imagine the look on a mothers face as her 7 year old read aloud, "Ka-ma-Su-Tra".

What's your secret?


justin said...

hm... well that's one way to awkwardly scare off comments! ha! thanks a lot for reminding me of this.. :)

Isabel said...

I love PostSecret and have for a long time. I hadn't thought about getting their book from the library! Good idea.

Your secret is awesome.

My secret?


Can't think of one. Sorry.