Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Weekend Recap

This past weekend, we went to NC for a wedding. I am always surprised when I go back down south by how different things are there. There is something in the air that makes the south feel like home, and I can't exactly explain it. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this, as Forrest always says the same thing once we cross the VA/NC line. Maybe it's that it is so familiar, that this place feels like home because it was home for us for a long time. We drove down Friday afternoon, and stayed with my parents. They attended a play that night and weren't home until late, so Forrest and I gathered up some old family videos, and watched me as a little girl. I was incredibly bossy, and add to that a Spaz, so it was quite funny watching it and remembering. We went to bed late, and woke up early to drive down to see Forrest's family for the day. We had a good visit, and surprisingly, I didn't find myself clinging to the ceiling like a cat. It was neat to see Forrest's dad interact with Shepherd and to see the rest of the family.
4 generations

The wedding was beautiful. It was held outdoors at a living museum at part of their "back country farm", and they had wonderful weather for the was beautiful!
Notice the sheep have bows on their necks.. how cute!

The Bride and her father

The bride and groom

Following the wedding, we had the reception in the museum lobby, complete with tyronosaurus rex skeleton and all... it was really neat to see how they'd set it up...

Stephen and Shepherd... and ladies? He IS single... any takers?

Great-Grandma Polly and Shepherd

My handsome husband... ain't he sexy?!

I always ruin good pictures of myself...

All in all, it was a good day... then we drove home late that night, and slept late Sunday morning at my parents... We went to church with mom and dad, and after church had lunch. Then as we were pulling out of the driveway... my car broke. I was rolling up the window, and next thing I knew, the window was all crooked, and not sticking out right... we tried to put it back, and when we did, the glass just dropped down in the door, refusing to come back up... So... we had to leave our car there, and get it fixed, and take my mom's car back. Thankfully it broke there, where we know some good mechanics who didn't charge us as much as they could have... but still, $750 later, it still sucks to have to get it fixed. Oh well...

So, we're back, trying to get in the swing of things here... yesterday I had lunch with Beth and the fantabulous Mia (pictures of that coming soon!). And today, Shepherd and I are venturing to the pool!!! So check back tomorrow for more pictures and I'll tell you some about vacation (what I can remember now that it was two weeks ago!!!)

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