Monday, May 08, 2006

What is it with men?

Scene: Last night, in bed after putting the baby to sleep.

Me: (passes gas) *giggle*
Him: Please tell me that wasn't a fart.
Me: *giggle* Dutch Oven!!!!! *giggle giggle*
Him: Gross. I can't believe girls fart.
Me: Well we do. We also poop too.
Him: (horrified expression) Geee-ROSSSSS!!!
Me: I poop....
Him: Nonononono... stoppppppp.......
Me: Our moms poop....
HIm: Gahhhhhh!!!!!!!
Me: Even your grandmother poops.
Him: (silence)
Me: Yep... she poops too.
Him: That's the most disturbing thing I've ever heard in my life.
Me: Really? So if I say, Your grandfather poops...
Him: Doesn't bother me.
Me: But if I say, your grand...
Him: (interrupting) AHHHHHHHHHH!! STOP!!!!
Me: *giggle giggle*

It's so much fun to mess with my husband........ :)


Kristin said...

Hillarious! You should get him the book "Everybody Poops"!

One night while we were getting ready for bed, Bill heard "something".

Bill: "Was that Logan through the baby monitor"?

Me: "Ummmm, yeah..." (cue uncontrolable giggles & laughter).

Matthew said...

Wow. You broke the unwritten rule!

Never, ever mention a man's mother while lying in bed with him. And DEFINITELY do not mention his Grandmother.

You can fart though. Just be prepared to have the covers wrapped around your head so you can get a good wiff.

Wait, that only happens in my house?