Friday, May 19, 2006

I have discovered his dirty little secret

Shepherd may seem too young to have a dirty little secret, but he does. And no, it's not that he digs other mommy's boobies (although that would be devastating), nor does he have a secret crush on his only girl-friend (not that I know of at least.. you know how boys don't tell their mothers everything).

Alas, this secret is very, very dirty. Backstory, anyone?

Very early on in his life, Shepherd decided he hated his swing. And on top of that, he was gassy as can be. So I spent hours upon hours bouncing the child, until my kind Pediatrician suggested a bouncy chair. I'd heard of this "bouncy chair" and went to investigate for myself. I had sworn (pre-motherhood) to never become one of those mothers... the ones who have every trinket and toy for their child. I had wanted a simple house, free of the clutter of 500 gadgets for my child to play with. So we'd only registered for a swing. And thought surely my son would love the swing. And Lo', he hated it. Anyways, so I bought the bouncy chair, and put him in it that afternoon. Miraculously, he didn't scream. In fact, he loved it so much, that he proceeded to fart the entire afternoon in it.

Last weekend, we took the magic chair with us on our trip. It was wonderful to have along for family dinners when we needed to put him down for a second while we all ate. On the way back, the switch to the vibrator thingy must have turned on, because when we got home, the thing was dead. And O' how he hated the lack of vibrating goodness. So much so, he didn't poop. Well, he did, but only in small amounts. So finally, I went and got batteries for the thing, and right now, he's giggling in it, and farting up a storm.

Shepherd's Dirty Little Secret? He only likes to poop in the bouncy chair. And as I type, I can hear the gastrointestinal fireworks going on in his little body. I only pray that when he's 15, he's not still running to the bouncy seat and strapping himself in... I mean, what a killer to his social life.

Anyways, tomorrow is Shepherd's 3 month birthday (he's been 12 weeks all week long, but I guess "officially" he's not 3 months). It's been a wild ride, and I'll probably do a post looking back on the past three months... something sappy I'm sure. So y'all tune in for the sap...

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Reesh said...

Ha ha ha!! Ha ha ha ha ha!! I can't stop laughing!!