Thursday, March 09, 2006

Shepherd's Playlist

Because I wanna be like Daddy

I've noticed since Shepherd was born that certain cd's I play will quiet him, and possibly even lull him to sleep. This probably stems from the music I listened to when he was in utero. And if I say so myself, my son has great taste in music... the few songs I've listed were hard to choose from all the songs on the album.. but still, here are a few good songs or albums...

Iron and Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days, Passing Afternoons
Denison Witmer: Philedelphia Songs, Stations
Kings of Convinience: Riot on an Empty Street, Homesick
Sigur Ros: Eighteen Seconds before Sunrise
Coldplay: X & Y, Fix You
John Denver: Greatest Hits
Damien Jurado: Where shall you take me, Window

And many, many more... The only way I came across half of these is because of my wonderful brother, who for years has been making me mixed cds of different music, and I've come to love several of these groups through that. John Denver, however, is an all time favorite of mine since I was a kid, when Mom and Dad would listen to his albums. Hopefully, Shepherd will grown up to love music as much as we do, and will look back on his childhood as I do mine, and may the songs take him back...

Also, just a sidenote, we did go to the doctor this morning about the gas problem Shepherd's been having. Everything is okay, we just have instructions for Mycolin now, and also? Remember how on Monday, Shepherd weighed 8 lbs, 7 oz? Today? He weighed 9 lbs. NINE POUNDS!!!! My baby is getting HUGE!!!! *sniff* They grow up so fast don't they???


Avorie said...

What a cute picture!!

Lilly is also 9 lbs! It's getting hard to carry the car-seat around and she's outgrown a lot of her newborn clothes.

Erika said...

HOLY CRAP...that picture is adorable!! I nominate that for birth announcement photo!!!

Rude Cactus said...

Great picture and great tunes! Mia has a playlist too. It has somewhere around 500 songs on it. Because I'm really obsessive about music.