Thursday, February 09, 2006

38 Weeks, 2 days

Still here.

No baby.

Trying desperately to find things to do around the house (after yesterdays dusting, cleaning out the refrigerator, laundry, and general straightening up success).

Any ideas would be most welcome.


Isabel said...

Oh my gosh...I would go crazy sitting along all day waiting to go into labor.

How about a mean game of solitare? That might be fun.

Reesh said...

When I was on bedrest I played hours and hours of free online games. If you have a Yahoo account you can even play against other people at Yahoo games. I guess I was quite lucky cause I had my husband around to wait with me. The only other thing I can think of is reading cause now that Lily is here I don't seem to have time to read anymore.

K. said...

How about cooking and freezing meals. I heard that was a good idea, since you won't have the time or desire to cook immediately after the Big Arrival.

For the record, I did not cook and freeze meals. We just ordered in. :)

Matthew said...

I'm assuming you're packed and have the baby's "take home clothes" already packed as well. Tell Forrest to pack some real food that he'll want to eat because hospital food SUCKS.

Besides that, how about having a serious discussion with that son of yours and tell him to "Shepherd" his little butt on out of there.


Anonymous said...

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