Friday, February 17, 2006

25 reasons I might go crazy today...

1. The baby still isn't here
2. I hate the way people drive sometimes...well, most of the time
3. I also hate seeing cars that have multiple stickers on it... you know, the parking sticker from 2 years ago, last year, and this year. How hard is it to remove the other 2 stickers? eh? Or are you starting a collection?
4. The weather. Yesterday was a balmy 60 degrees. Tomorrow, they're calling for snow.
5. I got my nails done again... and already, I have a chip in the polish. I hate this.
6. My house is clean... there is nothing left to clean except the baseboards, and the thought of my pregnant self scrubbing baseboards.... makes me laugh.
7. I have nothing to do (well, it's more like, i have nothing to do that I want to do... I'm sure I could find something to do)
8. Why do all the state parks in Virginia require you to pay a fee??? This boggles me because the state parks in NC are WAYYYYYYYYYY better, and don't charge fees.
9. Did I mention that the baby still isn't here? My body is retarded and won't keep contractions going for longer than 15 minute spells...
10. Forrest won't tell me what he got me for my birthday. It's my birthday, and I don't know what I got... I have to WAIT. *sigh*
11. My car makes funny noises when I drive it. Seriously... Forrest says he can hear our car coming before it actually arrives. This is just embarrasing.
12. Bad drivers. I know I already mentioned this, but people really irk me when they don't know how to drive.
13. Road Flares. I've been meaning to post an entire post about this for a while now... but keep forgeting. What is is with people up here and road flares? Car break down? ROAD FLARES!!!! Flat tire? ROAD FLARES!!! and we're talking in the middle of the day too... GAH!
14. I feel like a freakin' BARGE... that's how big I am. Last night, we went shopping, and Forrest kept turning around to tell me to quit poking him. I wasn't poking him, my belly was. We just laughed, but seroiusly? I can go NO WHERE without my belly arriving 30 seconds before I do.
15. I ate all the Krispy Kreme donuts. I want more... *pout*
16. We're out of milk, and I'm too lazy to go to the store to buy milk. But I really really want some milk and cookies. *sigh* So I'll probably cave and go to the store here in a minute.
17. This list is starting to drive me crazy...
18. I turn 25 today.... TWENTY-FIVE. eh, I don't feel that much older, but DAD-GUM! 25?! *sigh*
19. Stupid, mean, and selfish people.
20. I'm just realizing that my whole list is negative... maybe I'll have to post a 25 things I'm thankful for later...
21. The feral cats running around outside. I've called the landlord twice to have them removed. I love cats, but these cats are wild.
22. The stupid girls downstairs who keep feeding the cat.
23. People who feed cats milk. CATS DON'T NEED TO DRINK MILK!!!!!!!!! IT MAKES THEM SICK!!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
24. The nasty stain on the stair-landing from the cat food... that I must walk over each and everytime I leave my apartment.
25. The paw prints I found on my car this morning... from the stupid, stupid, feral cats. I have never in my life wanted to hurt an animal... I love animals... but these cats... are pushing my limits.

Anyways... so there you have it. I'm still here, still alive, and kicking... and very, very bored... and very very irrate. *sigh* Maybe some milk and cookies will fix that :)


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday. I'm sending you labor vibes!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Corrine!
I hope you get a really great gift from Forrest (& some more Krispy Kreams, cookies & milk)!

girlfiend said...

I'm sending happy birthday thoughts and quick and easy labor vibes your way.

Reesh said...

Happy 25!! It's driving me crazy that I don't know what Forrest got you for your birthday! Hurray up and get home dammit!

Isabel said...

Holy cow need to have this baby. I can't even imagine how you must be feeling.

Happy Birthday though!