Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Links...

I've been meaning to add a few new links to the side. I finally did it this morning, and still think I'm leaving some people out. If you've commented on the site before and would like your link up, let me know! :)

I've added the following lovely ladies...

Autumn's Mom
Jax's Mom
One More Mommy (Elisette)
The Life and Times of a First Time Stay at Home Mom (Kristin)

There is some fantastic writing going on over there, so head on over to check 'em out!! :)


Autumn's Mom said...

aww you are too kind :D Thanks for the add.

Kristin said...

It's kind of funny that when I thought about me blogging, it was just about killing time, recording my pregnancy & keeping family updated on pictures. I never thought others would read it & I never thought about how cool it is to get to know other moms & soon-to-be moms. Thanks for the link!