Friday, January 06, 2006

Cue the Leg Cramps

As if all of my other complaints about pregnancy thus far weren't enough, I woke up to a massive, MASSIVE leg cramp this morning. Yes, there are those of you out there who may find this hard to believe, that I have managed to get to 33 1/2 weeks of pregnancy without major leg cramps. It's called preventative stretching in the mornings, where I stretch my toes UP towards me immediately. Thus far, it has helped. This morning... nothing could have stopped this mutha. Forrest came back in the room to kiss me goodbye before he left for work, and WHAM! It started. I don't know if Forrest knew what the heck happened, but all of the sudden, I was looking into his eyes, and clawing his arm, with my mouth agape, trying desperately to point my toes UP! UP DANG IT! Thankfully, my darling husband, who spent years in high school and college swimming competatively, reached down and gently helped me point my toes up. And OH THE RELIEF!!!!! My leg is a little sore right now, but it didn't last forever. Although I am sort of scared of ever going to sleep AGAIN for fear that another mutha will hit me in the middle of the night.

As an aside, last night, I only got up to use the bathroom 3 times. How is this possible? I woke up at 11:45, then 4:30, then wait... that's only twice, because you don't count when you get up in the morning to eat breakfast do you? Either I developed a super-bladder last night, or I'm now sleepwalking and don't remember when I get up, which is highly possible considering I can hardly remember my name anymore.

You guys can be thinking about and praying for Reesh (of 2 Pink Lines) and Avorie (of ReDinkyDink). Reesh is on bedrest for the next few weeks and is already 1 cm dialated, and Avorie has been having to take it easy because of contractions. I've been thinking lots about these two gals lately, and really hope that things go well with them. So head over to their sites and send them some love... :)


Avorie said...

Thanks for the well-wishes!

I totally feel for you with the leg cramps. I've had some horrible ones that actually left my calves very sore for days! I have them fairly regularly, so now I pretend they are intense labor contractions and practice breathing and relaxing the rest of my body. It didn't work for the first few, but the last one worked!

I hope your legs calm down and you don't get any more!

Isabel said...

You know I hate the leg cramps. Good thing Forrest was there to help.

And I know what you mean about thinking and worrying about Reesh and Avorie. Those poor ladies. I think about them all the time as well....

girl from florida said...

I've been starting to get those, but only once or twice. I've found if I drink a TON of water it kind of helps... but then you have the whole peeing 5X during the night thing... what to do?

Reesh said...

Thanks so much for your thoughts!! I think they're working cause I feel so much more positive today!!

I have been having leg cramps for so long, but I only just realised that they were THE leg cramps women talk about when they are pregnant. And damn they are worth talking about cause holy crap do they ever hurt! I must say there are some awfully strange pregnancy symptoms out there, I mean what the heck do leg cramps even have to do with being pregnant anyway?