Thursday, January 05, 2006

33 weeks and 2 days

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I started this blog as a pregnancy blog... I realize that I don't update as much as I want on the whole pregnancy.

Tuesday we had our 33 week checkup. Baby was measuring excactly 33 cm. The doctors always seem a little surprised that I'm measuring so exactly on the nose, but that just gives me all the more confidence that this child will be born on time. Everything else went smoothly, with my doctor suggesting the dad-blame maternity belt again for the lower abdominal cramping I've been having. It only happens when I sit for a while, then get up to walk... it's like the child is sitting on my pelvic bone or something. But, so far, wearing that belt thingy for a few hours each day has helped.

I've been worried about our crib and changing table not coming in on time, but last weekend, we found out our crib had arrived. The store won't deliver until both pieces are in, so we went and picked up the crib. Forrest was sick with the cruddy-flu, so he supervised as his brother put it together. (The whole time, his brother ranted about how cribs are unecessary, and how his child is just going to sleep in a drawer, or a cardboard box, or maybe even a hammock.... worst part? He was serious...) But the crib is here!!! Yay!!!

Another exciting thing is that for Christmas, Forrest's mom and step-dad go us a camcorder! Which is nice, because our family all lives in NC or SC, so we'll be sending a monthly video update to them. Not only that, but we have something to record the birth now. I've promised Forrest's grandmother that I won't show anything below my naval on the camcorder (she was a tad worried I'd aim it at my yonder-regions to show the child coming out, which... No, that simply WON'T happen).

Also, I have snapped out of the "people don't love me because no one is throwing me a shower" mode, because... People DO love me (with or without the shower) and yes, people are throwing me a shower! My aunt is throwing one for my family here in Virginia and my mom's Red Hat ladies are also throwing me one. The same weekend. Two different states. :) The one at my aunts house is here in VA, so that's only 3 hours away. The one w/ my mom's Red Hat ladies is in NC, which is 3 hours from my Aunt's house. Thankfully, this is all being done on MLK Day weekend, which Forrest has off. And, it'll be the last time I can travel any significant amount of distance from here. After that, it's stay put! Which is kind of sad because Forrest's gradnfather is getting married at the end of January (his wife died last March) and we can't go to the wedding because it's like 7 hours away, and I'll be 36 weeks pregnant... too far to be away from my hospital when I'm almost full term.

Let's see... what else? Oh, I've been spending the last week trying to figure out which bump is which body part on the baby. Sometimes I think the little round bump is a head or a butt, mostly I hope it's the butt because it's up in my ribcage and I definately don't want a breech baby. I've started having trouble sleeping at night because, well, I'm so big! And when I sleep on one side all night, I wake up and my hips are absolutely killing me. My only solution to this is to switch which side I'm sleeping on after every potty break. This seems to help a little.

Well, I think that about sums up all of my updates... I'm sure I've left something out because, hello! Pregnancy Brain! :) So if you think of a question to ask me, or of something I might have left out... let me know, I'll be more than happy to update those questions as well....


Isabel said...

Wow...sounds like the pregnancy is really coming along.

I will be 27 weeks in just a few days. So I love reading what your body is doing right now. That way I (sort of) know what to expect. And the trouble sleeping at not going to be fun!

Reesh said...

I have this little round squishy pillow which I use to sort of "plug" the holes with when I lay on my side to sleep. Works wonders and now aside from my 6 nightly bathroom trips, I sleep soundly...