Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend Review

So my week continues with more temp work! Which means more money... which means we actually may be able to save some *gasp*! This weekend, we had a blast. My mom came to visit and we shopped until our little legs gave out. Friday, she went with me to my gestational diabetes screening (which was only supposed to take an hour, but took two instead) and then we hit Old Town Alexandria shopping. Talk about fun!!! Then we drove home to poke around Potomac Mills and got some more shopping done. Mom bought the cutest outfit for our lil' man. It's a onsie with pants that says "If mommy says no... ask grandma". Talk about a must buy for a grandma! Then, Friday night, we picked Forrest up at work, and ate at one of my new favorite restaurants in DC, Alero. Mom and I ordered and split the best fajitas I have EVER had. The steak.was.awesome. Saturday, we shopped a little more, then hung out at home before an old family friend came over for dinner. We had fun reminiscing with her, and then headed to bed. The rest of the weekend, we just hung out, and then dropped mom off at the airport last night. It was kinda sad to see her go, but we really enjoyed our time with her this weekend. And then, next week, we have Thanksgiving, and I get to see my dad and my brother who I haven't seen in like FOREVER!!! Actually, Justin might come up next weekend early, and spend the first part of the week here with us and ride w/ us to our grandparents house. Soooooo, we'll see.
Anyways... I'd better start shutting down for the night. Glad I have internet access this week... I'll keep y'all posted!

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Isabel said...

So nice that your Mom was able to come and visit you guys (and buy you cute things for baby). Sounds like you had a blast.

And the fajitas sounds delish. I love me some fajitas!