Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Maternity Support Belt

Last night, after 3 hours of stabbing, shooting, incredibly awful back pain, I finally sucked it up and went and bought a maternity support belt. Up until now, I just didn't think the thing would help me, and I'd just waste my money on it. Boy was I wrong. I'm wearing the support belt today, and so far, so good. My back isn't hurting yet, my legs aren't swelling (as bad), and my upper abdominal muscles aren't staging an attack on me. It's amazing how one little thing can help... the funny thing is, I feel like I'm wearing a bra for my belly. The thing makes me look incredibly pregnant, and squishes my belly fat into funny looking positions. I have some pictures we took last night of the thing, so I'll have to post them when I get home.
Other than that, things are going swimmingly! The baby's kicking a whole lot, and in fact... I think he's a music buff :) Everytime I put Iron&Wine in the cd player, he starts moving around, and kicking like he's dancing... we're so proud of his taste in music :) Mom actually got a chance to feel him kick this weekend, which was really cool. He's also kicking a lot at night when I'm trying to sleep, which is good preparation, I suppose, for those long nights feeding and soothing a crying baby :)


Rude Cactus said...

Hey, "swimmingly" is good, with or without a support belt. Glad things are okay! :-)

Avorie said...

Hmm... Maybe I should try one of those. By the end of the day my back and upper abs/ribs hurt. I usually only feel better when I crawl into bed.

Post the pics when you get a chance!!

Reesh said...

Our baby likes bluegrass! We went to a bluegrass concert and he/she was VERY active throughout.

Good to know about the back support thingy. By the end of the day my upper abs hurt so much it even hurts to lie on my side.

Isabel said...

I love Iron & Wine and am glad your baby does to!!

Am also glad your support belt is helping you, although it freaks me out to think that my back is going to start hurting (I did break down and get some support hose yesterday. Very sexy indeed!)

Sandy Lee said...

Hello, and Congrats on you pregnancy!
Isn't it beautiful experiencing all the different stages!!

I have a Q for you about the belt you are wearing.
Where did you buy it?
How did you figure out the right one for you, there are so many kinds out there?
My daughter is in her 3rd trimester and very uncomfortable.
I would like to purchase one for her, but don't know where/how to start looking, and don't know which is best.
Sandy Lee