Saturday, November 26, 2005

Post Holiday Meltdown

I have never eaten so much in my life. We had a great Thanksgiving with our family in Virginia, with two full meals, lots of little kids, and yes... we were exhausted the day afterwards, but not enough to hike to the top of Crabtree Falls in the freezing cold. Seriously, half the waterfall was frozen. But it was beautiful!!! Then last night, we drove to North Carolina to stay with my parents for the remainder of the trip, and tomorrow, Forrest's mom and step-dad are driving down to have lunch with all of us. It's gonna be great!! There's nothing like being home... to just sit back and relax, to be with family... it's just awesome. The only downside is sleeping in different places. Normally, I have no trouble sleeping. I could sleep on the floor if you wanted me to. But now that I'm carrying a whole lot of extra weight, it's seriously distressing when the mattress you're sleeping on is 30+ years old (no lie). Last night, however, I slept like a log as our mattress is fairly new, and very firm, yet soft. Heaven :)
And y'all? Soon, and very soon, we'll announce the name to y'all... :) We've been telling folks over Thanksgiving, and just have a handful of other people to tell, and then it's free for all, and I can tell everyone. I think everyone seems to like it... who knows... but we like it, so that's all that matters.
Well, I think I'm going to go grab another hot mug of cider and sit in front of the Christmas tree we just finished decorating. :) Y'all enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!

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Nana Cathy said...

Yes, it is the COOLEST NAME EVER!!! We loved seeing y'all and learning THE COOLEST NAME EVER!!!!
It's only fitting for the COOLEST BABY EVER!!!! What a great Thanksgiving we all had!