Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well, this week has been fun! My brother has been up visiting us, and we've hung out, laughed, shopped, watched every episode of Arrested Develpment, season I and some of The Office (the BBC version). And to top it off? Today we get to go see our family!!! YAY!!! Tomorrow will be a non-stop parade of little kids around our feet, well... I should say little girls around Forrest and Justin's feet. Those girls absolutely love Justin and Forrest. If they weren't cousins, you'd think that they had a major crush on the boys (cept they're all under the age of 10, so it's just this cute admiration they have). Seriously, 4 girls!!! I can tell you for a fact that Justin and Forrest will be ex-haus-ted tomorrow night. After many "Pick me up! Pick me up!"s and Running around after them, and wrapping them up in blankets and calling them bean burritos and dragging them over the house in the blankets... the boys will be wiped. And I can guarentee that the girls? Will be in heaven. I remember being that age, and if there was an older boy to pay attention to me, to tickle me, I just ate it up!!
In addition to the little girls, there will be FOOD... BLESSED FOOD!!!!! I've spent the past two days baking and we have (drumroll please....):
2 pumpkin pies (homemade)
2 pecan pies (homemade)
3 lbs of pumpkin fudge (half of which is already gone thanks to Justin and Forrest)
Cranberry Relish
Banana Bread (which is already gone because we couldn't resist, and all three of us pigged out)

So... if I'm making that, you can imagine what my mom is making and what my family will have. It's enough to send a pregnant woman into a coma it's going to be so freakin' good!! In addition to the food, my grandfather owns a Christmas tree farm. Only this year, they aren't going to be open. So... we get to pick out a free tree!!!! yay! Of course, we won't pick it out until I get to watch the Macy's thanksgiving day parade, complete with Santa Clause at the end, at which I'll cry like a little girl, not because I'm sad, but because even at 24 years old, there is something magical about Santa...
And then, and only then... Forrest is going to let me FINALLY put in my Christmas music... ( So I will be one very, very happy girl this weekend. :) And if that's not enough.... after Thanksgiving, we're driving to my parents house to help decorate the family tree. Which... I also love doing. It's something my dad and I have always done together, and this year will be interesting because, pregnant women don't have the best balance for helping hang lights on the tree!!!

So to all of you out there... I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Isabel said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Your Holiday sounds magical. And the food. Oh the food sounds so good. I have never had pumpkin fudge? What is it? You should post the recipe. It sounds heavenly!!! (I can't think about that fact that I am totally missing Thanksgiving this year because of the time change between Seattle and Berlin).

Eat some goodies for me.

Oh, and the Christmas music. I've been listening for over 2 weeks. I also love it. My very favorite Christmas song is "Sleigh Ride". What is your's?

Reesh said...

This is the best year to be pregnant as I get 2 thanksgivings this year!! My husband's parents are here for thanksgiving and we will be celebrating this weekend with all the fixin's (Canadian Thanksgiving was October 8)! And here I thought I was gonna have to wait til christmas to get my next fix!

Have a great time...

Rude Cactus said...

I'm really late...and really a slacker...but it sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!!