Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I lost my Meme virginity today...

Isabel Meme'd me today... and it's my first Meme... so I feel quite special :)

5 Things

10 years ago - I was just about to get my learner's permit (yeah, I'm that young)
8 years ago - I was working as a hostess to save up money for my trip to Europe
4-7 years ago - I was finishing my first semester in college at Appalachian State University, and had just dumped the worst boyfriend ever.
2 years ago - I had just gotten engaged to Forrest, and we were in the throes of planning our wedding
Now - I am 25 weeks pregnant with our baby!!!

Five yummy things:

1) Burritos (Moe's)
2) Celery w/ Ranch dressing
3) oddly enough, Cheeseburger and Fries from McDonalds (I know... so gross, yet so good)
4) Pumpkin Pie
5) Tortilla Chips from Moe's (gosh, I'm hungry for them right now)

Five songs I know by heart:

1) DayDream Believe (the Monkeys)
2) Signed, Sealed, Delivered (???)
3) ....
4) ....
5) .... (seriously... I'm really bad about knowing words to songs... I always mess them up... I'm pretty much a loser when it comes to music)

Five things I would do with a lot of money:
1) Buy a house
2) Buy a new car for Forrest and me
3) Travel
4) Donate to charities all over (my fav? Door of Hope orphanage in Johanasburg, South Africa)
5) Set aside $ for kid education

Five places I would to escape to:

1) Boone, NC
2) Outer Banks, NC
3) Chile, South America
4) Anywhere in southern Africa
5) anywhere in the mountains

Five things I would never wear:

1) super tight clothes (um, NOT flattering on me)
2) a pink tutu, in public
3) fishnet tights
4) high heels... I'm tall enough as it is, and clumsy too
5) a shirt that say's "I heart Dubya"

Five favorite TV shows (in no particular order):

1) "Friends"
2) "Arrested Development"
3) "Commander in Chief" my new favorite!
4) "Seinfeld"
5) "Will and Grace"

Five things I enjoy doing:

1) Sleeping
2) Reading
3) Traveling
4) Shopping
5) Cuddling w/ my hubby :)

Five Favorite toys:

1) My iBook
2) digital camera
3) cell phone (it has a speakerphone!!!)
4) cd player
5) random, I know, but the TV remote... I like holding it :) it's the power of being in control

Five people who get this meme (I would, but I don't know 5 people to meme!!!)

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Isabel said...

I thought I had read that "Commander in Chief" was canceled. I guess not. Maybe I'll have to check it out. That is, if they ever get the cable/DVR in our place to work. Geez.

Always fun to read the meme's.