Sunday, October 30, 2005


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Forrest and I bought this pumpkin almost 2 weeks ago, and it's been sitting on our porch waiting to be carved. Well today, we carved it. Or I should say, Forrest carved it. I just cut the hat out, cleaned the innerds out, and then cleaned up the fine lines. He drew the design and carved it out. I was pretty impressed I must say.
We also toasted pumpkin seeds, which were yummy. If only I had the stuff to make pumpkin pie... we'd be set!
I can't believe Thanksgiving is only 3 1/2 weeks away!! I'm so looking forward to seeing the family. All of my little cousins are going to be at my grandparents house... 4 girls total. Makes for so much fun! I can't wait to bring a little boy into the family... actually, when I think about it, it could be kinda scary to bring a boy into the family... I remember being the only girl on my dad's side, and I wound up playing baseball, war, and all sorts of boy games with them... Hopefully, they won't dress my son up in girly clothes and put makeup on him (when he's old enough to play of course). Another thing I'm looking forward to is seeing my brother. I haven't seen him in like... 2 months. Which for some people isn't that bad, but considering we lived in the same city, saw each other every other day (if not every day)... to go to not seeing each other at all has been hard! He's been really busy though with work, and just got back from a conference in Austin, Texas. It's always really cool to hear what he's doing. He's working for an organization called People of Faith against the Death Penalty, and it's just amazing what he's learned, and been able to pass on to us in our conversations. My brother is so cool! Aren't you jealous?!? :)
Well... I promised Forrest our little trip to Panera wouldn't be too long (we can't really afford to buy anything today, but just needed their free internet) I'd better go. :) Happy Halloween y'all!


Isabel said...

Happy Halloween and let the countdown to Thanksgiving begin!

justin said...

heyy i can't wait to see you too! i have some pictures up on my flickr account

love you!

MetroDad said...

Awesome pumpkin! Hope you had a fun Halloween!

Avorie said...

Oh! Very cool! We carved one, but it doesn't look nearly as spooky!