Friday, October 07, 2005

Holy Smokes...

Cutie Pies
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Aren't these girls the most precious things you've ever seen!?! These are my cousins :) Lyvia will turn 3 this year, and Peri isn't quite a year old but will turn 1 in December. Just think of the cuteness that's to come with our little boy added to the ensemble!!! :)

My trip to Harris Teeter yesterday was t-totally wonderful. I felt normal again. There's something about having the familiar around to ease the transition from there to here. I spent an hour shopping for groceries, and even though it took me 30 minutes to get home from the store, it was totally worth it. Now I must petition the hubby to move us closer to Fairfax, just for the Harris Teeter (because I'm silly like that). And last night, I fixed the first meal I felt proud of, and felt normal about fixing since we've moved here. It felt pretty dadgum good too. And then, as if all the cosmic stars aligned themselves properly, NC State Football was on ESPN... and, if things couldn't get better, THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY! Yea, we may be 1 and 2 in the conference, but hey... we beat out a ranked team. Between Forrest immitations of Chuck Amato (the man can't talk y'all!! I worked with him at State!!) and the hilariously stupid commercials, we had a blast. My favorite part was this one commercial for Professional Wrestling, and the announcer was making all sorts of references to The Crucible, and Brave New World. Forrest then turns to me and says, "Dude, this is some sophisticated stuff! Those wrestlers must be a whole lot smarter than we give them credit for!" Who knew!?
Well, I've gone on long enough, but just wanted to bring y'all up to date that things were good last night.... VERY good... :) State won, there is a Harris Teeter, and all is well... :)

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Rude Cactus said...

That? Is a lot of cuteness. That might be illegal.