Wednesday, October 12, 2005


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Yesterday, I began to realize how important family is. I've known for a long time that family is important, but never have I realized it more than with this move up to VA. It's so easy to feel isolated and far away from the ones you love, especially when you long to be accepted for who you are.
I laughed when I found this picture in our photo album because it's my father-in-law and his mother. The picture looks like it belongs on the front of a greeting card or something. Something about it reminded me of family and how when you think you've no way out, your family is there to pick you up. Bob (father-in-law) has helped us out a lot over the last year and half, and of all the people in our family, he's the furthest away in Charleston, SC. But no matter the miles between family and us, they will always be there for us... through good and bad. Yes, we may fight with them, we may argue with them, we may not even like them all the time, but the truth deep down inside is that they are always there to love us... no matter what.
Ain't family just grand?!


Isabel said...

when I first saw that pic, I was like "that must be from a greeting card"...haa-haa. I love it.

You are totally right, families are important. I think we really begin to realize this as we get older and begin to understand and appreciate all they do for us.

And man oh man, am I glad that braces are much better looking now days. Especially since I just got mine off less than a year ago!!! I am lovin' my movie star teeth!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, families are to be treasured, and we are all so glad that YOU are a part of OURS! We love you very much! Nana Cathy

Forrest said...

Hahahahaha, I love that pic.

And I love my family.

Reesh said...

And isn't it exciting that you are starting your own family...I know I can't wait for my kids to meet my family, it's going to be great to add a new member!

Rude Cactus said...

That really is a fantastic picture. Don't feel too isolated though - there are lots of cool people in Virginia ;-)