Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wow, I feel special!!!

Thanks for all of your warm congratulations!!! You have no idea what
that means!! :) No names picked out yet, and even when we do, we've
decided to wait until the lil' fella is born to reveal the name. We
decided that it was ultimately us as the baby's parents to decide the
name, and with people commenting on our choice of names, the pressure
to "conform" to their ideas just bothered us. Once the baby is born
and named, no one can say anything about his name (well they can, but
there will be one unhappy mama if someone utters a word of disgust at
his name)
I went out last night and bought the cutest little onesie at Target.
I just had to get something that screamed BOY!! :) It's a little blue
onesie with a horse, lasso, and little boots printed all over it, and
on the chest it says, "Little Buckaroo" hehe!! :) I wanted to buy
the whole store out of clothes, but given our finances, thought better
of it, and just decided to wait until the showers and the gift cards
start rolling in.
In other news.... I cannot wait until cooler weather gets here. I'm
tired of the cool nights that lead into warm almost hot days. Today
is an exception. It is perfectly wonderful outside. That said, the
forecast for tomorrow is warmer than today (almost 90) and just
obnoxiously humid. When will Fall make up it's mind? To stay? or not
to stay?! Last year in NC, it just went from summer straight to
winter... and that was no fun. I love fall. It's one of my favorite
seasons. So if any of you have any say so with the powers that
control weather, tell Fall to "Get His butt down here and make the
leaves pretty, dangit!!!" :)

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Isabel said...

I love that you bought a "cowboy" outfit for your little guy. I don't really *like* cowboys but I love little boys dressed up as them. And little cowboy boots...don't get me started. They are about the cutest thing. Ever.