Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What I really want this fall...

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Is to go to a good ol' country fair. Complete with ferris wheel, cotton candy, candy apples, tractor pulls, cow shows, turkey legs, and of course... deep fried twinkies :)
Have I found one in VA yet? No... so if you know where one is, please, I beg of you... let me know!!! A pregnant woman demands here turkey legs and funnel cakes!!!


Isabel said...

we just went to the fair out here in Seattle a few weekends ago. I ate so many scones and salt water taffy. It was a good day.

I love how you associate the fair with food. I am the exact same way. It's all about the food. Maybe it's because we're both pregnant!

Matthew said...

At our fair they have fried twinkies and fried Snickers. My arteries clog just thinking about them.

There's gotta be a fair within driving distance. Google it! A pregnant lady needs her funnel cake!