Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The dog ate my post...

Hello All. I tried posting something last week, but the computer ate
it. I tried to get to Panera or at least the public library to post
something this week, but I had too much to do. And then of course,
the blog ate my blog entry.

The move went wonderfully. We're here in Northern Virginia, and
quickly becoming aquainted with all things Northern Virginia. We're
unpacked with maybe 2 boxes left, the house is clean, food has been
cooked, casseroles have been frozen, and sightseeing has begun. Now,
we've both been to DC before, but that didn't stop us from going to
the Museum of American History on Monday. Seriously y'all? They have
the original Kermit the Frog! EXCITING!!! AND?!?! Sienfeld's Puffy
shirt! It is the most random collection of stuff that I have ever
seen, but it was SOOOO much fun to see all the random stuff! We also
went to the Museum of Natural History which, eh.... was okay. About
the only cool thing there was the freakin' huge Hope Diamond, which...
honestly, didn't appeal to me that much. Honestly, it looked like
costume jewelry. Saturday, we drove down to Prince William Forest and
had a nice picnic. It's actually a really nice place! They have a
nice campground, which hey, I can still go camping when I'm pregnant
right!? (as all of you laugh). Then Friday (I'm working backwards,
notice), we went to the zoo. That was totally unexpected. Forrest
got off work early for the holiday weekend, so I drove up to DC and we
went to the zoo! My favorite part of the zoo? The mexican wolves.
Sad things is, I didn't take my camera, so i don't have any pictures
of our trip. I need to take more pictures dangit!!!

On to the pregnancy update, which is what this blog is really about
eh?! I'm getting big. That is about my only symptom. My gigantic
condition that allows me NO sleep, and generally just makes me uncomfortable. That and the "pregnant nose" everyone talks about. My favorite smell right now? Chinese food. Especially Egg Rolls.....yummmm.. I guess one other "possible" symptom is the tiny little butterflies or gas bubbles I've had. Often, especially at night, I'll be sitting there, and suddenly, there's something in my belly, and I sit there thinking, was that gas? or the baby? I'm leaning more towards the baby, because I haven't been particularly gassy lately, and this one time, I was almost certain it was the baby. As soon as I get a really good whallop, I'll let you folks know. :) Well, I hate to cut this short, but seriously... Panera has the AC on like 50 degrees, and my fingers are frozeennnnnn. Brr.. :) Hope all is well with you folks!!!


Reesh said...

Too bad about the spam comments. I've been getting them too!

I've also been getting little butterflies which I can't yet totally tell if it's baby or gas bubbles. We go for our first ultrasound on Friday and I am soooo excited to see what's in my belly and to make sure everything is okay.

Glad the move was good. How is Forest liking his new job?

Glad to have you back,

Rude Cactus said...

Officially, welcome to town. Dontcha just love the museums and the zoo? Enjoy. Get settled and of course let me know if you guys need anything!

Matthew said...

According to my wife, those aren't gas bubbles - you're feeling the baby! It will definitely get stronger and you'll have no doubt soon.

Welcome back to blogville! I'm amazed at how quickly you guys settle in! We had boxes lying around for weeks when we last moved!

Also, please update your blogroll for Child's Play. I've moved to

FYI, I've also blogrolled your site.

Mr Big Dubya said...

Hey - you've got a great blog here! I'm definitely gonna bookmark you!

Yeeeccchhh. F'ers.

Glad your move went well and you're getting settled in.

FYI - to avoid the spammers, I suggest using Blogger's word authenticate thingamajig - it's been working for Mrs. Big Dubya and several others. I have no visitors so I get no spam :-)

Not-For-Profit Dad said...

Wanted to add my "welcome to town!" Also, wanted to make sure you know that among those "things Northern Virginian" is the right to carry a concealed weapon. Good times.

Oh, check out for some of the good locals...